Fire fighters union endorses Hassan

Gov. Maggie Hassan was endorsed today by the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire, which represents more than 2,000 active and retired fire fighters and paramedics.


In Manchester, PFFNH president David Lang said, “Fire fighters and Governor Hassan have something very important in common: it is our jobs to ensure that the citizens of this state are protected and out of harm’s way at all times. This is a job that we both take very seriously. It is clear that her priorities align with ours, as she has had a long track record as our Governor and State Senator to prove it. It’s this kind of tested leadership and unwavering commitment to the public that make her the best candidate to continue to govern New Hampshire.”


“A Governor’s first job is to ensure the safety of the people of New Hampshire, and it’s an honor to have the support of New Hampshire’s fire fighters as we continue working together to protect our communities and keep our state moving forward,” said Governor Maggie Hassan. “Through our bipartisan budget, we’ve worked to strengthen the safety of New Hampshire’s communities and ensure that all fire fighters and safety officials have the support they need and deserve, without a sales or income tax.”


“My opponent’s so-called ‘plan’ would create a $90 million hole in the state budget and take New Hampshire back to the devastating cuts to public safety we saw during the Bill O’Brien era. Not to mention that while he was CEO of defense contractor SAIC, the company overcharged taxpayers millions of dollars to train public safety officials to respond to terrorist attacks, reinforcing once again why he should not be allowed to manage our state.”

Author: John DiStaso

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