FACE OFF: 12 Questions for Pam Tucker

NOTE: For this week’s edition of NH Journal’s FACE OFF, we asked both candidates for Republican National Committeewoman to fill out a questionnaire containing information we believe will help Granite State Republicans determine who to vote for. Responses were limited to 75 words for each question.

1) So you have thrown your hat in the ring for NH’s RNC National Committee Woman. Why?

I’m proud of NH and our Republican activists. It’d be an honor to represent them on a national level. I’d like to put my experience of working with the grassroots and the Legislature to work bringing the message of conservative Republican values to the RNC. I want to represent the best of our State and the position provides a platform that will help me grow and strengthen our party and provide leadership on the NHGOP.

2) What skills do you bring to the job?

In my position as a Leader in the NH House, I’ve worked effectively with people (of) diverse views and varied personalities. I enjoy working (in a friendly and cooperatively manner) with all members of the House. Part of my success as a leader is being a courteous and respectful listener. I enjoy helping people develop to their fullest potential. Together with my past experience in the party I believe I bring unique skills to the position.

3) Aside from the First in The Nation Primary what is your next priority for the RNC?

To represent New Hampshire in an honorable and professional manner that will reflect favorably on all Republicans in our State and to be a leader in our State here as a representative of the party and a supporter of all grassroots activists in any and all practical ways. Our strength is in our unity and I would also work closely on the local level to continue to recruit new people into the party and help them grow.

4) What is your plan to protect NH First-on-The-Nation Presidential Primary?

In order to protect the First in the Nation primary, we need to work with other states and promote the benefits of New Hampshire’s place in the primary process. I have found in speaking with other legislative leaders across the country, that by educating them about how our process works, the vetting we do, the voter involvement and time we commit- they understand that we are unique and our process does benefit the rest of the country.

5) What are your political experiences?

I started working for Republicans when I was 14 years old in MI. I volunteered in NY and CA as well, was vice president of Ventura County Young Republicans. Since getting elected (as 1 of 17 representative) in 2008, I have been intimately involved in the party at the state level. 2009-2011 State Representative; Committee Whip, House Republican Alliance (HRA) Committee liaison; 2010 HRA co-chair- involved in recruitment and training of candidates, policy agenda, legislative summits; 2010 Deputy Speaker of NH House, House Victory PAC coordinator.

6) How would you describe your political philosophy?

I am a Republican first and foremost who believes in the strong values of freedom and rights described in our platform.

7) What part or parts of the RNC platform do you disagree with?

We have a terrific platform that I very closely align my personal principles with and find no significant disagreements. The platform is why I’m proud to be a Republican.

8) How would you rate the job performance of current RNC Chairman; What has he done well? What does he need to do differently?

I have nothing but good things to say about Reince Priebus. He is consistently promoting our platform and the Republican principles. He has pulled the RNC out of debt, united the party, and put us on the road to victory with his fundraising successes. He has been tremendously supportive of New Hampshire and open to any and all communications and requests from our state committee. I honestly cannot see what he needs to do differently at this time.

9) How does the party overcome the current split between the “establishment” and the “tea party”?

We are all Republicans. Each of us has different views on platform issues, but we must remember that only by staying together can we advance our cause. We need to build on our commonalities and work to help each other, while respecting each others differences. One of my goals would be to help us to work together and break down the labels within our party. We need to focus on what unites us, not divides us.

10) Who is your NH political figure you most admire and why?

It would have to be Phyllis Woods. She has committed many years of her life, at great personal sacrifice to the Republican party. Phyllis has been an inspiration and cheerleader for many of us in the party. She was one of the first people I met when I signed up to run for state rep. She gave me some of the best advice that helped me to win the election. I know she helps everyone at every level and was a key person in our 2010 landslide victory. I cannot think of anyone more committed to our party than Phyllis. It’s big shoes to fill!

11) If you could fix one thing with the republican state committee what would that be?

We all would love to have a bigger bank account which would give us more staff! I would also like to have more two way communication at all levels and believe as National Committeewoman, I would be an strong advocate and asset in that department

12) Tell us about your professional background?

I worked for the Gillette Company for over nine years, starting as a Sales Rep in upstate NY and taking six different positions of increasing responsibility in sales, sales management, planning and marketing before leaving to raise my family. My time at Gillette has given me the experience of working as a team player and builder as we all worked together to achieve our goals.

Learn more about Pam Tucker and her candidacy for Republican National Committeewoman by clicking here.

Author: The Editors

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Here’s a few more questions for the lovely Pam Tucker:
    4-a: Why does NH deserve its current 1st in the nation primary privilege when it currently can’t even verify/vett voters are who they claim to be?  Are dead voters still imbued with unalienable rights, among them the right to suffer through yet more inane elections of another republicrat/demublican el presidenté?
    6-b: How do you feel about the freedoms and rights not expressed in the platform, but covered by the NH and USA constitutions?  Specifically, where does the whole marriage mess fit in to this philosophy of yours and how do you reconcile with aforementioned constitutions?
    7-a: I see there’s strong language in the Republican platform for militarily protecting America’s interests.  How do you reconcile this with founding fathers’ admonition to avoid foreign entanglements, and Congress being the only branch imbued with power to declare wars, regardless of how many rules are violated in this or that sandbox?
    9-a: Shouldn’t the USA Constitution be sufficient to bond the establishment with those who enjoy a good cup of strong tea on occasion?  If so, what’s with all the Republican votes to continue funding the alphabet soup firmly entrenched on the D.C. menu?

    We would love to hear your thoughts on these follow-up questions.
    – C. dog, reporter veritas

  • C Dog_e Dog

    Still waiting …