Equal pay? Hassan cooks her books by holding staff payroll

According to the latest finance report filed by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan’s campaign, her campaign operatives have recently been demoted from well-paid staffers to unpaid interns.

In what is clearly an effort to boost her cash-on-hand number going into the final sprint of the race, Hassan’s report shows that she hasn’t paid her staff – who are typically paid on a biweekly basis – in three weeks.

Hassan’s most recent pay period totaled $13,660. Assuming she hasn’t hired or fired anyone since then, she owes her staff approximately $27,320 in back pay. That means her reported $65,658 on hand is in fact a meager $38,338, assuming she hasn’t been able to convince her employees to spend their last month on the campaign as volunteers.

Republican Ovide Lamontagne, on the other hand, has $179,385 in the bank – nearly five times Hassan’s revised number. Ovide’s cash advantage could go a long way toward turning out his voters on Election Day, and countering the massive television ad buys from labor unions and other liberal interest groups. In an extremely close race, any advantage could be enough to tip one of the candidates over the edge on Tuesday.

However, maybe Granite State voters will applaud Hassan for supporting equal pay – by not paying anyone. It’s certainly a creative approach to fiscal discipline.

Author: Staff Reporter

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