Guest Op-Ed: Energy Independence Is Within Reach

We in New Hampshire, like the rest of the Nation, are ready for the economic engine to be running on all cylinders. We want jobs to be created and opportunities to be available for all of our Citizens. Part time employment, stagnant employment numbers, people giving up on seeking employment and rising prices have gone on far too long.

As a Veteran, having retired from the Marine Corps, and as the father of two sons in the military, I’ve been working with the New Hampshire Energy Forum. I have absolutely no doubt that American energy independence is synonymous with National security. Since the first OPEC oil embargo in the 70’s, we as a Nation have done nothing but talk about energy independence and self-sufficiency. OPEC and others have held us hostage, over the barrel so to speak, as our need for energy saw us doing business with those who’s interests often diverged from the American National interest. We have been forced to compromise our interests so as to ensure the constant flow of energy product to the U.S.

Within the United States and off our shores we have the resources to ensure our own energy independence. We can set our own course, we do not have to subject ourselves to the interests of foreign oil producers, compromising our interests so as to ensure the continued flow of product. How do we do this? We do it by recovering our domestic oil, gas and coal. We use our cutting edge technology to drill, frack and transport.

In pursuing our energy independence we can further build upon and foster our friendly relationship with our neighbor to the north. Building the Keystone pipeline allows the Canadians to sell their oil to us, vice the Chinese. Keystone will provide thousands of good paying jobs to Americans. It will promote our energy independence and allow us to set our own energy course. We need to do Keystone now, not 6 months or a year down the road.

We must utilize ALL sources of energy to achieve independence, to include nuclear, renewables, oil and natural gas. Oil and natural gas will remain the foundation for our industrial and domestic consumption, and again are readily available. The question is whether we as a Nation have the where with all to seek and set our own course. If we do, we will quantumly reduce the threats to our interests, as well as the threat to our blood and treasure which is magnificent men and women of our Armed Services.

Enough of the talk. The time is now for the citizenry to hold the political establishment accountable, and to ensure we take care of our interests. No more monies to foreign entities who’s interests are not in line with ours or who in turn give those American petro dollars to shadowy and dark forces who threaten the lives of Americans.

Hobart M. Harmon lives in Bridgewater, New Hampshire and served in the United States Marine Corps.

Author: Hoby Harmon

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