Ending Spending campaign goes ‘On The Trail’ with 2012 candidates

Advocacy group Ending Spending recently announced the launch of its “On The Trail” video blog series in which each candidate for president (at the time) was asked to answer the same direct questions about the future of the economy and their plans to reduce our nation’s debt. The campaign includes a week-long, statewide advertising effort to highlight the candidates’ answers ahead of the New Hampshire Primary next week. Ending Spending also ran statewide advertising prior to the Iowa caucus and will do the same in South Carolina later this month.

These videos are intended to give voters a unique window into each of the candidates’ economic plans – in order to and compare and contrast the candidates’ solutions to America’s current (and future) financial and economic issues. So, if you are one of the 16 percent of the prized undecided New Hampshire voters, check out the candidates’ videos online here to help make your decision next week: http://endingspending.com/onthetrail.

Ending Spending is awaiting response from a request for a representative of the Obama campaign to participate in the “On The Trail” series.

Author: Staff Reporter

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