Ending Spending Action Fund to air new pro-Brown TV ad

CONCORD — The pro-Scott Brown advocacy group Ending Spending Action Fund Monday will begin airing a new television ad in support of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown, the New Hampshire Journal has learned.


The ad, entitled, “Right,” says that Brown was correct four years ago when he predicted that the Affordable Care Act would “raise taxes,” “hurt Medicare” and increase the federal debt.

Brown was “right on Obamacare then” and is “right for New Hampshire now, the ad says.

The Shaheen campaign issued a statement late Sunday that the ad is “more proof that Scott Brown is ready to once again let corporate special interests bankroll his campaign so he can vote to protect their interests in the Senate, not New Hampshire’s.”


Ending Spending says its ad will on WMUR television and cable sports networks. It says its statewide online advertising campaign late last year “led the effort” to persuade Brown to run for the New Hampshire Senate seat.


At that time it also aired a television ad that was the first to hit Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for backing up President Obama’s claim that under Obamacare “if you like your current health plan, you can keep it.”


The new ad does not mention Shaheen and is pro-Brown, attempting to show that he recognized what Republicans now say are its major problems.


Brian Baker, president of Ending Spending Action Fund, said, “Sen. Brown has been a leader in the fight to balance our nation’s budget and against massive new spending programs like Obamacare. New Hampshire taxpayers have a friend in Scott Brown — he is part of the solution to what is wrong in Washington, while Sen. Shaheen continues to contribute to the problem.”


According to OpenSecrets.org, Ending Spending is a conservative 501(c)4 group that focuses on federal spending and the national debt. The group originally targeted earmarks, but broadened its message to include balancing the federal budget and paying down the debt.


FactCheck.org says the group was founded by its chairman, Joe Ricketts, a businessman who also founded TD Ameritrade and whose family owns the Chicago Cubs.


Baker is a former adviser to former Sens. Robert Dole and Richard Shelby.


The ad was produced by Larry McCarthy, who was a member of Mitt Romney’s official campaign media team in 2008 and  in 2012 was a pro-Republican media consultant.

The Shaheen camp said the ad shows why Brown has not signed the “People’s Pledge” to limit outside, third-party spending in the race – the same pledge he originated in his 2012 race against Elizabeth Warren.


According to the campaign, Mike  Vlacich,  the campaign manager, is “ready to meet anywhere at any time with representatives of the Brown campaign to sign the People’s Pledge to stop outside third party ad spending.”


 “Scott Brown is running from his own People’s Pledge, and it’s because he’s counting on the big banks to buy him New Hampshire’s Senate seat, with ads like this,” said Vlacich. “The people of New Hampshire know Jeanne Shaheen. They know they can depend on her to fight for them and make a difference for New Hampshire.”

And on Monday, New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesman Julie McClain said, “Another Wall Street special interest group is swooping in to try and buy New Hampshire’s senate seat for Scott Brown because they know he will put their interests first.” She said the ad “is full of the same negative attacks Brown has been spouting across the state during his so-called ‘listening’ tour with no regard for the best interests of people across New Hampshire.”

The Ending Spending ad came after the conservative advocacy group, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released a web video critical of Shaheen for  voting with President Barack Obama “99 percent of the time” and being a “rubber stamp” after promising in 2008 that she would be an “independent voice.” It points out her support for Obama’s agenda has included the Affordable Care Act and the federal stimulus program



Author: John DiStaso

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