“Eff Him!” Buckley leaks Kuster’s whereabouts on Twitter

Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley may have thought he was only name dropping when he told the Twitter-verse the whereabouts of Democratic Rep. Annie Kuster (NH-02). Instead, he irritated the Congresswoman and her staff and may have kicked Kuster’s failure to pay property taxes into yet another media cycle.

It started out as a simple enough Tweet by Buckley that read, “LOL! I tell staff to dress up ‘cause you never know who will stop by. Today Im wearing jeans because of snowfall. @repkuster just walked in.”

But Buckley apparently forgot Kuster is the most wanted politician in New Hampshire after she clammed up over the revelation that she had gone several years without paying her property taxes. And now that the state’s political journalists know she is in New Hampshire, thanks to Buckley’s Tweet, it is almost inevitable that Kuster will finally have to answer for the fact that she avoided paying her taxes for so many years.

The New Hampshire Republican State Committee wasted no time diving into the controversy.

“The time has come for Congresswoman Kuster to stop hiding from her constituents and offer an open and straightforward explanation about her long history of delinquent taxes,” said Party spokesperson Meg Stone. “The Congresswoman needs to discuss about why, despite her support for higher taxes and her reported net worth of nearly $2 million, she avoided paying her fair share in taxes until the media caught her red-handed. Now that she is back in New Hampshire, Congresswoman Kuster needs to meet with her constituents, give them honest answers, and begin to regain the trust and confidence that she has lost as a result of this embarrassing incident.”

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Anonymous

    Honesty from commie kuster? I think I’ll wait for Hell to freeze over.