Editorial: Maggie Hassan’s only clear position is that she can’t be trusted

Driving through scenic Portsmouth several days before the election, one can spot a large 4×8 Romney-Ryan sign with the words ‘flip flopper’ scrawled across it in spray paint.  It’s an epithet Democrats have long tried to tie to the Republican presidential nominee but haven’t been able to make stick.  Why?  Because when Romney has changed his position, he has addressed it openly and honestly, as a human being who changed his mind over time and reflection as opposed to a slippery politician.

New Hampshire Democratic gubernatorial nominee Maggie Hassan can’t say the same.  Her many shifts in position serve only her election more likely, and go against the very core of her long-held ideological profile.  For seismic shifts of this nature to be believable or palatable to a general electorate, the politician in question needs to address them head-on, not hope voters won’t notice.  Hassan has pursued the latter strategy.

A politician shifting her position on an issue to please a particular audience is nothing new.  One totally flip-flopping on past support of a number of specific policy proposals, however, is something that even the most shameless in the political class tend to avoid.

However, Hassan clearly has no shame.

In an October 30th debate with Republican Ovide Lamontagne, Hassan claimed she would veto an income tax, an LLC tax, a campgrounds tax and a car registration surcharge – all taxes she has openly and enthusiastically supported in the past.

To the record: In 2002, Sen. Hassan said she would support the right kind of income tax.  In 2009, to help fund a massive increase in total government taxation and spending, including the creation of the campground tax (applying the rooms and meals tax to campgrounds), the creation of the motor vehicle registration surcharge (nearly doubling the cost of registering a vehicle for most drivers), and voted to create the small business LLC income tax without a public hearing.

She was for them before she was against them.

Television cameras and fact-checkers didn’t stop Hassan’s flip-flopping in the final debate last Thursday, aired on WMUR-TV.  After reversing a previous position on casinos, she gave an answer on seatbelt vs. helmet laws that amounted to pulling a policy 180 in the span of about 30 seconds.  Even her opponent had to stop and clarify her answer that seatbelt laws were a matter of “public safety” and helmet laws somehow weren’t.

Don’t be so surprised, Ovide, after all she has a record of promoting a seatbelt law but is in the clear to pander on helmets since they never came up during her time in office.

The NH Union Leader published an editorial on Sunday titled “Maggie for governor: Of Massachusetts,” that read in part, “Maggie Hassan might be an outstanding governor – of Massachusetts. There, her political views are mainstream. Here in New Hampshire, she is a liberal trying to win over voters whose beliefs she neither shares nor understands.” Add that to the fact that notorious Massachusetts flip-flopper John Kerry campaigned for her in the state on Monday, and she’s backed by the same radical pro-abortion groups as her Bay State counterpart Elizabeth Warren.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.  Sometimes we have to take politicians at their word about what they would do if elected; in this case we have the benefit of a record to examine.  Maggie Hassan has raised taxes on the voters of New Hampshire before and she will do it again – to give her that chance would be insane.

Shawn Millerick is the Editor in Chief of NH Journal.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Peter Macdonald

    To Maggie Hassan

    just read that Maggie Hassan the next NH governor has a disabled son and she
    has a daughter also. I say this as
    I think back to about a year after Governor Benson lost. I was volunteering with ABC Lock and Key
    rekeying the little store on RT-16 just over the bridge in Newington NH. Benson walked in and recognized me
    immediately and walked over to say hi and shake my hand. I will always remember what he said, “I
    read your letters and as Governor I wish that I had taken the time to talk with
    you. My advisors kept telling me
    to stay away from you. Now meeting
    you I wish I had talked with you”.
    A disabled US Military Veteran that our government uses my service-connected
    disabilities to exploit fear to isolate and condemn. I hope Governor elect Hassan will put her hand out and help
    even disabled US Military Veterans no matter what her advisors tell her. NH and the VA conspired to stop
    my medical care for combat related disabilities until I stop writing opinion
    letters just like this one. My
    want and fears are not for me but for the now and future US Military coming
    back with the same rejection as each war or conflict before. The politician’s favorite line is “Lets
    recognized what the wrongs disabled veterans suffered in the past and see that
    it is corrected so future disabled do not have to go through that”. It is a mask to get more money to waste
    on pet project to make politicians look good. Governor Elect Hassan has first hand experience of the
    rejection and ridicule and I will exploit that to help future generations of
    returning US Military Veterans to at least have the chance to come back
    mentally as well as physically if at all possible. I see Chris Sununu in a different light as he put his hand
    out with no fear or rejection to help a 100% disabled US Marine. I know he is Republican and Ms. Hassan
    is Democrat but hopefully the good for NH I see in Chris and the experiences
    and hopefully good in Maggie they can work together to help all the citizens of
    NH including the disabled. The
    newspapers will censor this letter so I hope it some day reaches the eyes of
    Governor Elect Hassan.

    hope Governor Hassan does some day take the time to bring her family to visit
    the Veteran Resort-Chapel. We have
    not asked the government for money, as we believe it is our duty to use our
    life savings to help US Military Veterans to start. The fact is this is my dream and my wife came forward to
    support it rather than travel, as is her dream. We purchased eleven-acres of waterfront property to
    build cabins 10’x24’ in the woods for homeless veterans to live for free until
    they get back if ever on their feet.
    I applaud Mr. Sununu for coming out in the rain one day to walk and hear
    me talk about my dream of helping the homeless US Military Veterans in New Hampshire.

    vision for NH is that Maggie and Chris will set their political differences
    aside to work together bringing out the Democrat and Republican thoughts to
    make a better place in New Hampshire for all. I say all to include the US Military Veterans homeless and
    disabled as well as all citizens not forgetting the disabled citizen. I may be considered a dangerous nut but
    as a US Marine I believe in the USA.

    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

    465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-781-3839