Adams: Easy as we go regarding immigration reform

Immigration Reform, like a much needed overhaul of Social Security and the Medicare System, has been the epitome of kick the can down the road for the next generation for over 20 years.  The present bill brought forward by the Gang of 8 has one very serious flaw.  Our borders must be secure prior to granting a path to citizenship to anyone.  Until the borders are secure, we invite millions more into our country illegally to take advantage of the poor solution to this very complicated problem.

Recently, a number of past State Republican Chairman signed on to an Op-ed urging the Republican Party both at the State and National level to buy into the latest Immigration Reform Bill.  They stated that Romney received a very small percentage of the vote from people of color.  I regret to inform them that this bill, if the Republicans agree to it, is not going to change that number much at all and we will add approximately 3 to 6 trillion dollars to the deficit.

The Republicans have not in my memory ever received any national support from any of the Unions or most special interests.  The Democrats promise everything to everyone with no regard of the potential cost to keep the special interests support.  The recent election has shown facts other than a low number of people of color voting for Romney.  It showed the special interests turned out in record numbers while millions of Republicans chose not to vote.  It only makes sense that the generational welfare recipient, when given a choice between a man who will find him/her a job or the man promising to keep the gravy train coming for the next generation, will vote for the man keeping the gravy train rolling.  Signing on to a flawed bill will have very little positive effect at the ballot box for Republicans.

However, securing our borders, then discussing this latest reform bill makes all the sense in the world.  The Republicans need to engage in discussions with Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona and Governor Rick Perry from Texas and find the necessary steps needed to secure the borders.  They live it every day.  They would be outstanding resources.  Also let us not forget when Arizona passed a tough immigration law and started doing the federal government’s job by detaining and attempting to stop the flow of illegal aliens, the Obama Administration took the State to court to stop this effort.

I believe that doing the right thing and not the politically correct thing will once and for all address this important issue.  We cannot trust this corrupt administration to do the right thing with the borders after this bill is passed.  This present administration has taken distortion of the truth to a level I thought could never happen in this nation.  It is important to note that the union that represents the employees responsible for protecting the borders is also against this bill.  We need to slow down and proceed with caution and fix immigration the right way, not the fast and easy way with untold hardship on the future generations of this nation.

Jim Adams is Chairman of Granite State Taxpayers

Author: Jim Adams

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