Duprey: O’Brien should be Speaker, but Jasper censure unnecessary

Republican National Committeeman Steve Duprey said Tuesday that while he wished Rep. Shawn Jasper had not taken on Republican House caucus nominee Rep. Bill O’Brien for the Speaker’s post, he believed that it was not necessary for the state GOP executive committee to pass a resolution censuring Jasper on Monday night.


Duprey was one of nine members of the executive committee who had opposed the resolution, while 17 members voted in favor. See our full report here.


Juliana Bergeron, who is also a member of the RNC from New Hampshire, also opposed the resolution.


“I think the point had been adequately made to Speaker Jasper,” Duprey said Tuesday, “and there really wasn’t that much to be gained in passing a resolution. I respect the fact that some people had a different point of view. It was a very civil discussion. And the resolution has passed and now we move forward.”


The Associated Press reported that about 120 O’Brien supporters today caucused again and decided not to recognize the majority leader appointed by Jasper, who had been elected over O’Brien on Dec. 3 with mostly Democratic support.


Jasper will hold an official caucus of House Republicans on Wednesday.


Duprey, who has been a state GOP leader for more than two decades, said he did not know if the passage of the resolution censuring Jasper for overturning the will of the GOP House caucus will end the internal strife.


“Time will tell,” he said. “But from my perspective, the best way to move our Republican agenda forward is to register the resolution, which is going to be delivered, and then it’s over and let’s move forward.”


He said Jasper will face “some challenges” uniting the House Republicans, “but substantively, on issues, there is probably 90 percent agreement among all Republican members. There is unhappiness about not following the will of the Republican caucus, but on substantive issues, I think they are inclined to have a united Republican Party.”


Duprey said he has always supported nominees of the GOP in general election scenarios, and, he said, “I absolutely wish we had elected Bill O’Brien speaker because he was the Republican nominee for Speaker. Absolutely, without a question.


“Shawn Jasper has a fine Republican voting record and I’m sure will do a good job as speaker, but I believe in the primary system. Every single time a Republican has won a primary I have endorsed them and campaigned for them,” Duprey said. “Bill O’Brien should have been elected Speaker by the Republicans, without a question.”


Author: John DiStaso

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  • Gramma

    So, you absolutely support a nominee !???? What if that person is the wrong one for the position of the party. O’Brien would have again destroyed the credibility of the NH Republican party and 2016 would be a disaster. Perhaps the NHGOP executive committee members who voted for censure need to be the next ones to go ( along with O’Brien ). You just keep this going and watch what happens to the GOP in 2016. You continue to split the party rather than bring it together.
    Shawn Jasper, Speaker of the House, is more respected than you present in this article. He is a strong Republican , respectable legislator, and dedicated statesman.
    The negativism and bullying of the crazy rightwing O’Brien group needs to go . Perhaps he can go back to Massachusetts with his former law partner, Tom Finneran, who “Resigned due to allegations of perjury and obstruction of justice” and ultimately went to jail.
    Jasper won the election as Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, fair and square .
    Stop the baloney and get on with the business of the State of New Hampshire.

    • dusaa1975

      You are coming across as a rabid snarling dog. i am sure that you are not like that at all. You would show how rational and thoughtful you are if you would present your proof that …’ O’Brien would have again destroyed the credibility of the NH Republican party and 2016 would be a disaster.’…

      Politically, I am impressed with howe successful the democrat plan to divide the Republican caucus has been. Speaker Jasper and a small group of House Republicans made their deal with the devil. Whatever their individual motives and reasons are, they voted to divide the party and side with the democrats.

      It does seem a tad odd to hear your position. That position seems to be that those Republicans who had a knife thrust into their backs should not continue to split the party. Perhaps you feel they should get used to the knife and have their suit jackets re fitted so the jackets can accommodate that knife.

  • http://www.albaldasaro.com AL Baldasaro

    Check out the real Shawn Jasper, who was mad because he tried to amend voter ID and we did not support his amendment and we Republicans voted in Voter ID. I sat on Election Law committee. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9LeQoQe0N88

  • http://www.albaldasaro.com AL Baldasaro

    So you say O’Brien destroyed the republican party. Hmm, let’s see, he fixed a 900 million dollar defecit, he cut business taxes & regulations, he made workers pay more into retirement without downshifting to the tax payers, he passed stand your ground and I could go on and on. Can someone tell me how that destroyed the Republican party? Maybe we real conservatives are in the wrong party. All the Democrats attacked O’Brien and about 5 republicans in the media, and you say he is a bad guy. Shame on Duprey, Bergeron for not supporting the caucus and only concerned about 2016.

    Did you turn your back on integrity, open government and transparency? The 9 that voted no, well I question their loyalty to our party and just maybe, it’s time for them to resign.

    Al Baldasaro
    State Representative

    • jrm03063

      Did his job keeping us last in state support for Education. GO STUPID!

  • Van Mosher

    Even though I often find myself on the opposite side of our party, I like Steve Duprey. I know he works hard electing Republicans but not all Republicans are alike. It is good to see that Duprey understands why the grass roots is disgusted with Shawn Jasper. Working with the democrats to thwart a duly elected Republican caucus elect victor. What Duprey doesn’t understand is that it is very likely that Jasper will continue to work with democrats and continue to stab Republicans in the back in the future. Kind of what Boehner is doing as Speaker of the US House.

  • jrm03063

    A little civics reminder to Republicans – the Speaker’s Chair and gavel BELONG TO THE PEOPLE! I would also suggest that Mr O’Brien, and the caucus that enabled him, recognize that a unified opposition isn’t magic – it’s what happens when you make a bad lasting impression on people.