Dover Mayor: I do not support Bloomberg’s ads

Dover Mayor Dean Trefethen may not be willing to resign from Michael Bloomber’s embattled group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) – as NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn has asked that he do – but he was clear in an exclusive interview with NH Journal that he does not support the groups attack ads against Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

“I do not support these ads,” Trefethen said in the email interview. “They are counterproductive and do nothing to add to the discussion necessary on the issue.”

Trefethen is the last remaining Granite State member of (MAIG) after Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau quit the group in protest against the controversial attack ads, financed mainly by billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg and MAIG have come under heavy criticism from all corners after it was revealed that the organization had been honoring terrorists and cop-killers as supposed victims of gun violence during a publicity bus tour and has been using taxpayer services to run the organization.

“Credibility is a fragile commodity. The Mayors Against Illegal Guns smashed theirs and, with it, any hope of being relevant to the gun discussion,” writes the left-leaning Nashua Telegraph in hard-hitting editorial on Friday.

Below is NH Journal’s full exchange with Mayor Dean Trefethen:

Why is Mayors Against Illegal Guns spending public dollars on political activities?

I don’t know that the organization is or isn’t. I am not actively involved in the organization and have no knowledge of their operations.

As the Mayor of Dover, do you think this is appropriate? Would you support the city of Dover spending money on political causes that you support?

I don’t know if it is appropriate for other cities or not. I would not support the City of Dover doing so. I have not used any City of Dover resources…financial, staff, or anything other way…for any of my personal causes, MAIG included.

Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau said yesterday that she quit this group because of the ads that they are running in New Hampshire. Do you support these ads?

I do not support these ads. They are counterproductive and do nothing to add to the discussion necessary on the issue.

Do you intend to continue your membership with Mayors Against Illegal Guns? Will your continue your role as their official New Hampshire spokesman?

First, I am not the official New Hampshire spokesman. All I have done is signed a membership form to enable MAIG to list my name as a member of the group. Beyond that I have not had any direct or indirect involvement in the organization.

Author: Staff Reporter

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