Doing Research on Cutting Medicare Spending

There has been so much talk about who has cut Medicare or who is promising to save Medicare that no one knows what to believe anymore. So I went on a fact-finding mission of my own. As a small business owner, and as a son whose mother lives on a fixed income and is dependent on Medicare, I am very concerned about the future of Medicare.

Here’s what I know. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), across-the-board cuts under President Obama’s new Health Care Plan will decrease Medicare spending by an estimated $716 billion between 2013 and 2022.

The money will be cut from hospital services, Medicare Advantage, skilled nursing services, and other Medicare services. These projected savings from Obama’s Health Care Plan do not improve the Medicare program. Rather, they pay for other new programs created under the law that is not necessarily even for senior citizens. By cutting reimbursement rates instead of real reform, Obama’s Health Care Plan jeopardizes seniors’access to providers.

It seems quite clear that my mom and other senior citizens like her will feel the impact of Obama’s Medicare cuts through decreased benefits or the inability to access health care.

Congressman Bass and Congressman Guinta have it right! Repeal Obama’s Health Care Plan and let’s start over again. This time it’s up to us, the voters and taxpayers of New Hampshire, to insist that Republicans and Democrats work together on a health care plan that serves everyone fairly and won’t tear a program apart or cost businesses and taxpayers more than they can afford.

I encourage everyone to do his or her own research on issues of importance like health care. We may well go crazy if we just rely on thirty second television advertising.

Howard Pearl, owner of Pearl and Sons Farm LLC, is a fourth generation farmer from Loudon, New Hampshire.

Author: Howard Pearl

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