DiStaso joins Heath, Arnesen on WGIR political roundtable

MANCHESTER – John DiStaso, news editor of the New Hampshire Journal, joined nationally syndicated radio talk show host and former Democratic gubernatorial and congressional candidate Arnie Arnsen on New Hampshire Today’s Political Roundtable on WGIR-AM with host Jack Heath.


The three  veterans political observers discussed and analyzed the major political races in New Hampshire.



Listen here to the roundtable discussion.

Author: John DiStaso

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  • jerseycity

    That “round table” leans drastically to the left.

    • Dr. Pradeeth

      Of course, what do you expect, a radio station couldn’t get sponsors if they lean right.

      • jerseycity

        Limbaugh does pretty well.

        • Dr.Pradeeth

          Limbaugh is not ‘right’. If you go back and trace his positions through the years it become easy to see what he is doing. He is an entertainer that is catering to the deluded republican base that still clings to the false Left/Right paradigm. An entertainer can make money in the communications industry. To talk about the real substantive issues that strike at the heart of what both the left and the right are doing to our country is a death sentence in the broadcast industry.

          • jerseycity

            Doctor! Heal thyself.