DFA announces $250k in initial spending on ‘Run Warren Run’ campaign

The progressive activist group Democracy for America says it is investing an initial $250,000 in the “Run Warren Run” campaign being primarily spearheaded by MoveOn.org to try to recruit Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for President.


MoveOn last week announced it expects to spend $1 million.


The announcement by DFA came at the campaign’s kickoff in Des Moines, Iowa. A New Hampshire launch is expected in the coming weeks.


Overwhelming majorities of the members of both organizations have voted to try to convince Warren to run.

The groups intend to open offices in New Hampshire and Iowa, gather volunteers and “small-dollar” donors to work for and support Warren if she enters the race, and fund ads, videos and “cultural interventions” to promote Warren.


DFA said it will train and support campaign staff and volunteers and draft candidates for other offices to support Warren.

DFA executive director Charles Chamberlain said tonight, “After the clear mandate we’ve received from our members, Democracy for America is all-in on drafting Senator Warren and joining the Run Warren Run campaign. The battle against income inequality is a defining issue of the 2016 race. Senator Warren is Democrats’ most powerful voice in the fight against income inequality, capable of rallying our country to take aggressive action to protect struggling working families, hold powerful special interests accountable, and end the wealthy’s grip on government.”


Author: John DiStaso

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