Developing: State GOP Treasurer calls for special meeting to address Kimball situation

One of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee’s top officials is calling for a special meeting of the GOP’s Executive Committee to address the problems surrounding embattled Chairman Jack Kimball.

GOP Treasurer Robert Scott writes in an email Thursday morning, “[r]ecent events have created a situation of disruption that requires our team to come together and seek mutual resolution. This is a matter of fulfilling our responsibilities as officers and leaders of our organization. The trust of our members is invested in our service to them.”

“Please join me in calling for a meeting of our Executive Board Team on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 7:00 PM,” Scott continues. “We need at least one third of the board to agree to meet but at this most critical moment I personally ask for all of your help and support. I extend my deep appreciation for your efforts and good works in the service of our beloved organization.”

Executive Committee meetings are open to the press and public.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Janet Tebo

    Make it an issue of the Director – a “Wobleski situation”

  • AndyS

    Supporting a Libertarian candidate is not Will’s issue its Jack’s. 

    • Chris Buck

      Jack never supported a libertarian candidate. He is alleged to have signed a petition to allow the libertarian party on the ballot. I for one think we as Republicans have nothing to fear from competition, and that supporting the democratic process is not a bad thing, it’s something we should congratulate Jack for.