Multiple sources tell NH Journal that the New Hampshire Republican State Committee is on the verge of insolvency. The news was broken to the party’s executive committee at its monthly meeting on Monday night.

One source tells the Journal the party has only $1,300 in its federal account, which is the fund through which it pays staff, overhead and general operating expenses. The party also has a state account, but its balance was unknown at press time.

“This could be the final straw for Jack Kimball,” one top Republican told the Journal.


Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Spv0811

    Anyone who would devulge information that is discussed in private to the detriment of his or her own party deserves the name Benedic Arnold.   

  • Spv0811

    Jack Kimball has only been in office since February and the financial condition in the GOP has been ibad  for a very long time.  Your arcticle is one sided and deceiving.  Those who did not get their candidate for chair  (JB) elected are now trying to distord and destroy their own party to feel justified. 
     Shame on You !!!!  You are worse than democrats.  And yoru ethics makse me ashame to be in the same party with  whoever is this, you are worse thatn a rino and I dont even think the democrats would want you joining them.