DEVELOPING: Drama in Concord as rank and file kept in dark on budget deal

maggiehassanWith a deadline looming, Gov. Maggie Hassan is scrambling to put together a budget deal that has a chance of passing the GOP-controlled state legislature.

Sources tell NH Journal that a deal was supposed to be announced at noon on Tuesday but that the announcement was abruptly cancelled amid confusion.

The latest is that there will be an announcement later today.

Details of the plan began to leak out on Tuesday morning despite the fact that rank and file House and Senate members were left in the dark as to the negotiations.

Gov. Hassan is said to have largely caved on the issue of business tax cuts. The new proposal would have the cuts come in two waves with a revenue trigger kicking off the second wave. In return Republicans would agree to Hassan’s sought after state employee pay raise.

The entire deal hinges, however, on the override of Hassan’s original budget veto. Hassan has agreed to allow her veto to be overridden, as long as the legislature passes the pay raise and the new business tax cut plan as a separate measure first.

Stay tuned for more developments …

Author: Staff Reporter

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