DEVELOPING: Death to ‘birther bill,’ committee shoots it down

A key legislative committee in the New Hampshire House killed the so-called ‘birther bill’ in a close 10-8 vote.

The House Election Law Committee voted the bill Inexpedient to Legislate.

The measure would have forced presidential candidates – including President Barack Obama, whom some erroneously claim was not born in the United States – to produce their long form birth certificates in order to compete in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary process.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Anonymous

    Surprise, surprise, monied interests wins in politicks once again. Maybe the good folks of the Great Republic of Texas will have more guts; they’ll only have their principles to consider. Nice try Mr. Bates, it was worth a shot off the bow.
    – C. dog

  • you all are stupid in NH

    So candiates don’t get vetted? Anyone can run? No one has to show their BC? Maybe Amadinajad wants to run huh? No Birth certificate needed. That type of proof is only required of the ‘little people’ for everything they do. LAME! COWARDS!

  • RacerJim

    Looks like the “Live Free or Die” State is no more…RIP.

  • Waterforworldpeace

    Afraid to ask the truth about Obama? Who got threatened? New Hampshire has given up its freedom. I guess the motto live free or die doesn’t apply anymore. You are communists by proxy!!! Afraid to offend? How about protecting America?

  • Lyonscmpy

    SPINLESS JELLYFISH!!! Guess your political career is alot more important than the law of this land. A pox on all of you.