Despite Shaheen’s new ad, NHGOP says she has ‘broken her word’ to veterans

CONCORD — The state Republican Party says Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has “broken her word” to veterans in the state by not bring a full-service Veterans Administration hospital to New Hampshire during her time in office.

Shaheen criticized former Sen. John E. Sununu during their 2008 campaign for not bringing a full-service facility to the state.

In her new television ad, Shaheen points out that she was able to secure the opening of a veterans outreach center in Keene (see the ads as part of our item in Granite Reports elsewhere on

Sununu and Sen. Judd Gregg announced the opening of an outreach center in Berlin in 2007. But Shaheen’s spokesman at the time said Sununu’s efforts on this and other veterans issues were too late.  The spokesman criticized him for being in Congress for 12 years “and we still don’t have a full-service VA in New Hampshire and that has to change.”

Monday, state GOP area vice chair and U.S. Air Force veteran Jim Coburn, released a statement on behalf of the NHGOP:

“Like so many other Washington politicians, Jeanne Shaheen has broken her word to the veterans of New Hampshire. When she was running for Senate, she promised to deliver a full-service Veterans Affairs Hospital to the Granite State. Six years later, Shaheen has failed to keep her word and this pledge has gone unfulfilled.

“Our military men and women put everything on the line for us, and they deserve representatives who will deliver on their promises and not just use them for talking points and sound bites to get elected,” Coburn said.

In a statement Sunday accompanying the release of the ad, Shaheen campaign, manager Mike Vlacich said, “From a family with a strong tradition of military service, Jeanne Shaheen puts Granite State veterans first. Veterans in the Keene area were promised for years that they’d get a veterans center.  Jeanne Shaheen took the lead, cut through the red tape, brought the right people together, and helped make it happen.”

According to the Shaheen campaign, “In the U.S. Senate, Jeanne Shaheen has worked to provide tax credits to businesses that hire veterans and led efforts to expand care for returning vets. Jeanne Shaheen is a tireless advocate for keeping our commitment to our veterans and their families.”

The new 30-second television spot features New Hampshire veteran Dwight Clark of Keene.  Clark is a Vietnam Veteran and the former Commander of American Legion Post 4 in Keene. He worked with Senator Shaheen to bring the Veterans Clinic and Outpatient Center to Keene.”Jeanne Shaheen puts New Hampshire first, and her work for our veterans is just one example of how she makes a difference for New Hampshire,” added Vlacich.

Shaheen’s on Monday campaign also announced an 18-member “Veterans for Shaheen Leadership Committee.”

In a response to the Shaheen ad and veterans committee announcement, Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown’s campaign issued a statement maintaining that he has “worked tirelessly” to support service members and veterans. Brown next week will retire from the Army National Guard after serving for 35 years.

Author: John DiStaso

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  • Peter

    Senator shaheen refuses to help
    Response “There’s no place like home”

    To the editor

    just like the UL say that they recognize the situation of homeless Veterans in
    NH. I hear at fundraisers all the
    time the words just like your article “Homeless” and “Veteran” appearing in the
    same sentence incomprehensible. To
    this day I cannot understand why the UL censors telling it’s readers of the
    Veteran Resort-Chapel at 101 Stepping Stone Rd. Lee town officials have stated “we are a community of
    Professors and UNH support staff so we do not deserve homeless in our
    neighborhoods”. To stop the VRC
    Lee took us to court and a judge ruled a trailer registered in the VRC (owner
    of property) cannot have a legally registered with NH DMV in our back yard, the
    VRC cannot have a piece of 4’x4’ scrape plywood with the chapel name on it in
    our front yard and we cannot have a portable toilet (the same company that
    rents portable toilets to the town of Lee) on VRC property. The Judge rules this to be true. The judge approved “Discrimination” and
    now this case is in the NH Supreme Court. Go to the VRC web site and
    see the documentary film (3minutes long) and see that this entire property is
    bought and donated to the Veterans NON-profit specifically to help homeless
    Veterans in NH try to come home.

    UL and all other newspapers refuse to even print letters to the editor that
    mention the VRC in them. The UL
    and all other newspapers will refuse to print this letter for it demoralizes the
    news media’s creditability to zero.
    The editors and many others may believe that I am a mental case. Guess what I have four disabilities
    from my days in the USMC. Three
    being combat related disabilities from serving to protect and defend the very
    documents the UL diminishes.

    and Veteran are in the same sentence because of the censorship of newspapers
    just like the UL.

    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

    Minister at 101 Stepping Stone Rd Lee NH 03824