Dem. Senator: Shaheen knew!!!

This week’s acknowledgement from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) that members of her party “all knew” that Americans would experience healthcare cancellations under Obamacare is having mass residual impact, with pro-GOP groups including Senator Jeanne Shaheen in their attacks.

“Jeanne Shaheen joined Barack Obama in repeatedly promising her constituents something that she knew was blatantly false,” NRSC spox Brook Hougesen stated in a morning release. “How can any Granite Staters trust anything Jeanne Shaheen says about ObamaCare today after she’s been caught deceiving them about it repeatedly over the last four years? Granite Staters are looking for competence and credibility in the Senate and Jeanne Shaheen has a crisis of both.”

When asked two days ago whether or not President Obama had deceived members of his own party with the now infamous promise that Americans could keep their healthcare plans if they desired, Gillibrand responded by stating “we all knew” and that the president “should have just been more specific.”

Legislation introduced in 2010 would’ve blocked the grandfather rule in Obamacare that many cite as responsible for the cancellation. Yet Shaheen joined Senate Democrats in unanimously opposing the change.

Reports now indicate that 22,000 Granite Staters have subsequently experienced insurance cancellations, with millions feeling the impact nationwide.

Author: Staff Reporter

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