Dem Rep. uses grisly example to make point in gun debate

State and national Democrats are castigating Republicans and conservatives for what they consider to be incendiary political rhetoric in the wake of a shooting massacre in Tuscon, Arizona last Saturday.

Yet here in New Hampshire one of their own, Democratic State Rep. Henry A.L. Parkhurst, chose one of the grisliest examples imaginable to make a political point in debate over allowing guns in the New Hampshire State House and concealed weapons on the floor of the House and the visitors gallery.

“Does this mean I get to carry my machete,” Parkhurst blurted at Republican Rep. Al Baldasaro during a debate.

It was a peculiar choice of words for Parkhurst. The Granite State has been rocked by a horrific crime in Mont Vernon in which four young men are accused – one has already been convicted – of planning the hacking murder of Kimberly Cates and mutilating her daughter. The weapon used was a machete, among other knives.

How could Parkhurst have possibly not known about this?

The New Hampshire Democratic Party is presently amidst a smear campaign against Republican State Rep. Jordan Ulery for comments he made about ethnic groups segregating themselves. They claim Rep. Ulery blamed the Holocaust on the Jews themselves. While the point Ulery was attempting to make was indeed asinine and the manner in which he delivered it was boneheaded, the Democrats have taken his comments out of context to call on him to resign.

The Democrats should spend more time policing their own like Mr. Parkhurst.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Captainjim

    Can’t New Hampshire’s State Representatives take a note from all that is going on nationally and tone down their “point counter point” bashing of each other. I used to think this state led the way in decorum, but now I wonder. Let us remember the golden rule.

  • Rick Olson NH Insider

    Henry Parkhurst…Retired principle of Thayer High School in Winchester, (Cheshire) NH… For all their (Democrats) demagoguing and caterwauling over the lift on the one-year-old statehouse gun ban, such descriptors show the rank hypocrisy within the ranks of the Democratic party.