Dem Rep to unions: Time to get ‘bloody’

A Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts is raising the stakes in the nation’s fight over the future of public employee unions, saying emails aren’t enough to show support and that it is time to “get a little bloody.”

“I’m proud to be here with people who understand that it’s more than just sending an email to get you going. Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary,” Rep. Mike Capuano (D-Ma.) told a crowd in Boston on Tuesday rallying in solidarity for Wisconsin union members.

Capuano’s comments come at a time when there is heightened sensitivity to violent rhetoric in the wake of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ (D-Az.) shooting in January.

Capuano is considered a leading contender to take on Sen. Scott Brown in 2012.

This is not Capuano’s first brush with violent rhetoric. Last month Capuano said, “Politicians, I think are too bland today. I don’t know what they believe in. Nothing wrong with throwing a coffee cup at someone if you’re doing it for human rights.”

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Zendejg

    This guy should be fired! If a republican would have said that,the liberal media would be all over him to resign!…Not worthy of a representative our our government.

    • Anonymous

      Impeach the leach.

    • Anonymous

      Show me a National Media outlet that supports Universal Health Care and THERE you’ll find your so called, “LIBRUL MEDIA”.

      • Rowwdy

        CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC.

    • Pawthrows

      Actually, a deputy district attorney in Indiana did get fired, just yesterday, for tweeting that police should use ‘live ammo’ against protesters. He didn’t threaten to do it himself, only suggested in a heated climate, that police should.

      Complete double standard. Of course, the AP report didn’t specify his party affiliation, but what do you bet he’s not a democrat? And the spokesperson for the DA said public servants were held to a higher standard. Yeah…like those public servant teachers who lied and cheated their school districts with phony doctor’s excuses…pathetic.

  • Guest

    I’m with ya buddy. Let’s start with union-blood all over the country.

    • George_l_c_smith

      In the US, thuggery and violence have always been a tool of Communists, Socialists, and others who oppose the republic as defined in the US Constitution. As conservatives we must oppose violence as it plays into the hands of those who would destroy this country.

      If you truly love your country I would advise you to think before you post. If, as I suspect, you are a lefty trying to make conservatives look bad, don’t think you have many people fooled.

      • Anonymous

        I have no interest in instigating anything but if this thug politician and his union goons bring it, I have no problem protecting myself and my family.

        What is wrong with the people of MA that they approve of these thugs?

      • Anonymous

        Did you RELOAD for that?
        How about exorcising your 2nd Amend. Rights to counter election outcomes?
        Want to go shooting at a gun range with a Republican?

  • Anonymous

    If anyone is hurt, this jerk should be tarred and feathered!


    • Rowwdy

      He should be impeached and imprisoned for inciting violence. To hell with tar or feathers.

  • Anonymous

    Expect nothing less from a dem especially from MA.

    Surprised this even made the news since it came from the left, had someone from the Tea Party made this comment then all hell would have broken loose

    • Anonymous

      Why is it the dumbest a-holes end up being from my state?

      • mcw1142

        You’re wrong – I’m from California – our democrats are worse than yours.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe, but that’s like saying your state has more ants then their state. It’s a toss up. Except when it comes to the 9th Circuit. Now there is where you leave all other states in the dust.

      • Rowwdy

        You’re just lucky?

      • Anonymous

        Because, unfortunately, your state is eaten up with liberalism. It’s no wonder a killer was re-elected term after term after term just because of his name.

  • Anonymous

    So much for curtailing violent rhetoric in public discourse.

    • Anonymous

      I can only hope that Middle America is paying close attention to all this violent rhetoric, and from which party it comes from, and takes corrective action in 2012. No liberals EVER AGAIN in politics. To them it’s party above country. So sad.

  • Anonymous

    He must be a former LSD loving baby-boomer. A clueless, nanny-state loving, feminized, lived in la-de-da land for most of his life sheep to the core….

  • ThugHater

    Just remember that this weasel would claim to need special protection if someone hinted such stupidity regarding him. It is very easy for him to sit in a liberal bastion and tell the union thugs to go beat up someone in another liberal bastion. Luckily, the country is seeing these THUGS for who they are…. THUGS.

    • FWO21

      He is inciting violence talking like that and anyone of us would be arrested for that and probably be called a terrorist. Why does he have the right to talk like that?

  • ArcherB

    No, no, no! See, it’s perfectly OK. This guy is a liberal so he can say whatever he likes. It doesn’t matter if this guy was a Klan member back in the day, he’d be considered a hero in the Senate (See Byrd). The media will never go against one of their own.

  • Anonymous

    This wussy is from Massachusetts, same as John Boy (I faked my own purple heart ap) Kerry.

    (As a humorous aside, Mikey’s wife’s maiden name is “Teebagy”… what are the odds?)

    By “bloody” he probably means he’ll quit wearing his tamp*ns.

    So, you socialist wimp, Start it. We’ll finish it.

    Freakin’ union bootlicker.

  • Soopy

    A thug. We elect thugs.

  • Spram

    The Dems get all bent of of shape when a Rep makes a “violent” comment, especially after the shooting of the Arizona congresswomen. Now a Dem is saying it’s time to get ‘bloody’? Do I detect a hint of hypocrisy here?

    • Anonymous

      They have successfully until recent employed both passively and aggressively our weaknesses (in their eyes) against us as a tool to obtain their goals. Love, hate, reason, violence, blah, blah, blah etc… to paralyze us, bully us, control us, destroy the Republic and so on. So what the feminists, he is one, have done is remove the testosterone from solving problems that to some degree need to be solved that way. They have in essence, abused us through their application of civility. In fact they need fear or we’ll continue to suffer this nonsense and bullying.
      Answer: Stand Up, Speak, Watch Carefully, Expect Trouble, Defend Yourself, Don’t trust them Verify. Don’t resort to violence, BUT don’t be a victim of their violence. If someone is hurt because of this bigmouth beach, he should be hung in Copley Sq. This is beyond dangerous. So before they move the goal post again, we need to punish him based upon the rules he agreed to last.

    • Anonymous

      No HINT of hypocrisy here at all, more like a fist to the face of hypocrisy which is what I always expect from the left.

  • Brian Kedersha

    Socialists showing their true colors! We are for the ballets till we have the guns, then we are for the guns!

  • Anonymous

    More proof that the really violent ones are the liberals. When the next nutcase breaks out a gun and goes after an elected official, we know where to lay the blame. Not only on the politician, but on the hate mongering violent Massachusetts voters that put him in office.

  • Warstorm Trading

    Brilliant. Why isn’t this everywhere on the main stream news? Oh, because it isn’t from the “Tea Party” fringe.

  • Jmf

    How juvenile, get violent so you can go on bankrupt the country. Pathetic.

  • Vartan

    I’m certain Gifford’s attacker is going to use the same defense. “It was for human rights issues, your Honor”. Oh, and uh, incidentally, nobody I know innately hates Unions we just hate the mafiaso that run them and their thuggary attitude. Collective bargaining has become MOB EXTORTION. These comments from this so-called “representative” sound like Al Capone in Untouchables but I guess that’s how these people consider themselves, “untouchable”, the elites of society deserving job and pay via Union association and not based on merit or community interest. If something isn’t done about these mob extortionists our country will end up like GM; who will bail us out then? The Chinese? More then they have already due to uncontrolled government expenses?

    Unions can definitely be a force for good but not when their benefit is at the expense of poor quality product/services, tyrannical union bosses, and taxpayer indebtedness. I digress…

  • Behind Enemy Lines

    Ooooooo, tough words from such a panzy! Go ahead little Mikey, make my day!!!

  • Scottie

    This guy is a lunatic. How did he ever get voted into office? Is this what MA voted for?

  • Jenny Bea

    I love this. These people are like wild animals who eat their own. They’re destroying themselves. Let them. Don’t fire this guy- give him more FREE air time so he can continue to show America what these people are really about. Keep at it guys. You’re killing yourselves nicely. The more you blabber on, the more people (the majority of the people) are totally turned off.

  • brinna

    …and they wonder why that kid in AZ thought it was okay to shoot people up! If you’re a Dem…it’s okay to say inflammatory rhetoric to get people to act like animals. For shame Mr. Capuano you clearly do not represent me nor do honor by the state of Massachusetts. Unions don’t run me.

  • Jim Hay

    I hope someday I get a chance to vote against this idiot. The ones that talk like this are really the biggest cowards.

  • TruthTeller

    Will ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, et al, single him out?
    Will The New York Times, The Washing Post, or any other so-called newspaper single him out?
    Will the Minority Leader of the Senate Single him out?
    Will the President single him out?

    Of course not. If, however, Sarah Palin (or any other conservative) had said the same thing (or less would they be excoriated) by the ‘usual suspects’ above. Liberals are predictably predictable.

  • Jeff

    He’s a liberal – he gets a pass from the Media

    • Seraphim

      “Use live ammo” – He is a conservative – he gets a pass from you.

  • AllenP

    Incitement to violence has its consequences, Mr. Capuano. It’s hard to represent your district from a jail cell.

  • Anonymous

    He should be charged immediately with “inciting to riot”, and a recall petition should be filed. Any violence from the union, and his charges should be amended to include “conspiracy to commit assault”, and “extortion by threat of physical violence”.
    The governor should use his executive powers to remove him in any way possible, or otherwise strip him of his powers. Truly a disgusting comment from an elected official in a “free society”. His hero is obviously Qaddaffi.
    Ron Reale

  • Anonymous

    If he started spouting that crap here in Montana we would oblige him.

  • Rich Carter

    And they wonder why we call them union thugs?

  • Elf

    I once worked for a union. When the employer made big safety-related changes to save money, and the safety concerns I submitted to the union disappeared into thin air, I had enough. I will never work for a union ever again. Unions only, and I repeat: ONLY, exist nowadays to protect unproductive and lazy people and their overinflated salaries and benefits. They destroy job market competition and ruin work ethic, and can strangle businesses to death. There is no innovation where unions are concerned, they only care about seniority and how long you occupied space in the union. It is communism incarnate in America, a collectivism that rewards cronyism and stagnation over efficiency, industry, morality, and ethics. This democrat was speaking to the choir, but he still said something that is far worse than I have ever heard a conservative pundit say. Just like a union; the rules and laws that apply to everyone else don’t seem to apply to him. These comments lie on the backs of those who voted for him. Unfortunately, I don’t think most of them feel shame.

  • Buckeye Peet

    Sounds like in the next election someone needs to draw a bullseye on this guy… oh wait… can’t say that about a democrap.

  • Anonymous

    Ah…the civility…. Oh wait, his party told us to be civil… I love the libs hypocrisy. If we don’t do what they say we are to be scalded with coffee. The civility of our nation… I would beat the cr*p out of him if he did that to me. He would truly know my civility and what “bloody” really means. Oh…does he know I carry a taser? Zap his az.

  • Papables

    absolutely right.

  • Dr. Led Peint

    This despicable creep has no business talking like that to start with. He should be immediately pressured to resign by the Democrat Party. There’s no place for this kind of vitriol in American politics.

  • Anonymous

    Bring your union buddies down here to Central Illinois and we will show you how to “get a little bloody”. You shouldn’t threaten people who will actually stand up to you – you union bootlicker.

    • Seraphim

      “Ah…the civility…. Oh wait, his party told us to be civil… I love the libs hypocrisy.” -etrnlcoca

      Oh, wait, you are not a lib, it is OK then.

  • stactor

    we have the government that the founding fathers worried about, when they enshrined our birthright in the second amendment! Every problem we have as a nation is caused by democrats! Get ready for the rioting mobs of parasites- they are coming. Drop them into their shadows!

  • None

    Demorats, the party of hypocrisy.

  • D_casto

    Apparently this man doesn’t realize the masses pay for the few! Furthermore they want to tax the rich more to pay for their pensions. What about the girl making minimum wage at McDonalds with children to support she still pays for the teachers and public employees while paying for her own future. These people are out of touch with reality. They want to compare this to Egypt and Libya well in a sense their correct. In 3rd world countries the dictators don’t allow people to learn to read and all other basics we Americans take for granted, because when they do learn to read and reality they will revolt just as they are doing now, so I guess you could say we private citizens have learned to read and are now revolting to the dictates of a few!

  • Anonymous

    Apparently, this nut also would approve of shooting a US Congresswoman in the head, too, “if you’re doing it for human rights”. Ironically, his endorsement of violence is just the opposite — a VIOLATION of the rights of others!

  • Anonymous

    Apparently, this nut also would approve of shooting a US Congresswoman in the head, too, “if you’re doing it for human rights”. Ironically, his endorsement of violence is just the opposite — a VIOLATION of the rights of others!

  • Nuwildcat1977

    This is why politicans command so much respect these days. What an embarrassment.

  • puzzled

    Wow… Palin’s website has a map with SURVEYOR’S MARKS (not crosshairs as any hunter would know…) on the key contests, and the dinosaur media goes ballistic (can I still say that?). This guy literally promotes bloodshed and throwing potentially deadly projectiles at his political enemies and it’s a virtual non-event.

    It boggles the mind. Our dinosaur media has long since lost even the pretense of objectivity. Make sure your friends and neighbors understand this – all it takes is a few trips outside the echo chamber and they’ll rejoin the rest of us in reality.

  • puzzled

    Wow… Palin’s website has a map with SURVEYOR’S MARKS (not crosshairs as any hunter would know…) on the key contests, and the dinosaur media goes ballistic (can I still say that?). This guy literally promotes bloodshed and throwing potentially deadly projectiles at his political enemies and it’s a virtual non-event.

    It boggles the mind. Our dinosaur media has long since lost even the pretense of objectivity. Make sure your friends and neighbors understand this – all it takes is a few trips outside the echo chamber and they’ll rejoin the rest of us in reality.

  • Anonymous

    Capuano is a fat little scumbag. He’s the epitome of a union thug.

  • Paolo

    This guy sounds no different than an Islamic terrorist, Obama is probably bowing to him now.

  • FreetheUSA

    Where’s the outrage from the media?

  • RightToWork

    I think inciting violence is criminal right? This would even border on terrorism…but then of course Unions are organized criminal entities.

  • Anonymous

    Will the spineless GOP make this an issue?

    You know if this were a Republican Tea Party type, Pelosi et al would be putting on a full court press for the lib media.

  • Rebecca Harris

    So this guy thinks it’s okay to “throw a coffee cup” at another human being in the name of human rights? Typical lefty thinking.

  • Shahid Insaf

    “Nothing’s wrong with throwing a coffee cup at somebody if it is for the sake of Human rights”. Shows you how much the Congressman knows about rights. Telling a coercive, manipulative Union to pay for its own healthcare and reduce taxpayer burden is a violation of the worker’s ‘rights’? A right to someone else’s property?
    But throwing a cup at someone and injuring him is not a violation of the person’s right to not be harmed by someone else? That is the perverted vision of Human rights the democrats hold.

  • Anonymous

    The speaker of the house should invoke whatever powers he has to highlight this idiot.
    Perhaps call for a censure?
    Just do not let this slide through.

  • Anonymous

    Any more questions about which party represents the “National Socialists”? aka Nazis.

    Intelligent people are very reluctant to cry for blood, for any blood that will be shed may very well be their own.

    Capuano: don’t look now but the crosshairs you’ve drawn, are on your own shirt.

  • Joe Astroturf

    The violent racist democrats are getting used to this now. They call tea partiers racists but Obama and his ugly looking friend Andy Stern formerly of SEIU didn’t care about Kenneth Gladney almost getting killed by some purple shirted SEIU thugs as they were calling him the N word. The fringe media didn’t report the beating here it is below no one has been prosecuted.

    Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at

    Soldiers as you and your wife leave your last trace
    at least you won’t have to see Nancys botox face
    that chicken neck of hers wouldn’t look good on a snail
    her and a few of her pals in 2012 wil be in jail

    Tea partiers I can’t hear you

    You won’t have to see that venemous plastic face
    she wants patriots like Gladney to disappear without a trace
    she wants the purple shirts to call him the “N” word and bury him in place

    Townhallers I still can’t hear you

  • Lance

    This man should be sued and thrown out of office! OR just have his OWN butt kicked.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with his sentiment that it is time to take to the streets but his use of the word “bloody” requires an apology. But, isn’t the right being “PC” on this ?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with his sentiment that it is time to take to the streets but his use of the word “bloody” requires an apology. But, isn’t the right being “PC” on this ?

    • Anonymous

      Weren’t you lefties screaming about incivility after the Giffords shooting?

    • Anonymous

      Inciting a riot is illegal for average folk, but it’s potentially career ending for a politician.

      I’m not really sure what the implication is of inciting a riot across state lines. Does that meet the criteria for ‘terrorism’?

      Imaging the exploding heads if Palin, Rush, or Glenn had said this.

      • Rowwdy

        Actually mcjenny, it borders on tyranny and a call for anarchy. In essence, he is calling for nation wide rioting and that IS anarchy.

  • Jeff

    This slug is the lowest form of life. At least as far as has been reported, the protests have been peaceful. This moron is calling for violence and should be censured.

  • Tbpropsfx

    Send the dumb SOB to Federal Hill or to Bridgeport.
    He will get all the blood shed he wants. Only is, it will be his blood that flows.
    Gotta love those liberal/progressive National Socialists-aka Nazis, aka-democrats.

  • Gold7246

    Gee, I thought the Dems were against violent speech. The comes this punk, Capuano, urging union members to get “a little bloody.” So, will our national media and the Dem leadership condemn this violent speech. Probably not, because it is one of their own. HYPOCRITES

  • Anonymous

    He is advocating assault and battery. He should be censured, if not arrested. He is inciting violence.

    • Rowwdy

      Spot on nospamformo. Congress need to yank this fool up before a hearing. If it were anyone else, they would be arrested for inciting violence.

  • Darkangel

    Sounds like a death threat to me, someone needs to bitch slap this punk!

  • Wordbrd

    What a moron. Democrats are supposed to take the high road.

  • Will9070

    Hey You DEMS.Just like your fearless leader said We won get over it!Grow up,do your Job and stop whinning.Thank God somebody is trying to balance the budget.We are broke!No more Union stong holds.Pay your fair share and stop ripping off the tax payers.

  • BP

    This guy is a coward and should be brought up on charges of incitement to violence….

    Cahrged as an accompliss to nay harm that comes to anyone from the union thugs…

  • Jd4320

    This jerk use to be our congressman before I traded him for Steve Buyer and now Todd Rokita.Let this liberal idiot capuano step up and let someone bloody him.Put his money where his mouth his

  • Swimmomkt

    I always wondered why instead of having a sensible argument Dems. always get nasty, violent talk and cussing….I guess its a theme

  • Seraphim

    I had always assumed NH people to be smarter than these posts, my how New England has declined since my youth.

    “Get a little bloody” means to *take* damage, not give it. It is a call to stand up for what you believe in.

    He isn’t inciting violence, he is telling them to take it. Which 90%+ of you have bitten into and are ready to do just that.

    So when are the “Use live ammo” condemnations coming? Will they have the same anti Right vitriol?

    • Rowwdy

      That is crap Seraphim. He meant it exactly how the majority of us took it. His 2nd comment validated his thought process for violence. When union thugs (big babies) don’t get their way, they DO resort to violence. The always have. History has proven that time and again.

  • unempoloyed-2degrees

    Where is the reality here? If all of the unemloyed rallied together in protest and went driving around the country to protests we would outnumber teachers and public employees who have jobs and are ungrateful for what they have. What kind of benefits do the unemployed have? What kind of pension plan do the unemployed have? Where is the reality here? We in Wisconsin can’t afford to give any more since the factories here closed and there is no broad-based tax base left. Once educated, the young people flee the state because there is no work, unless of course, you are a public employee or a teacher. Those positions are limited to the people that already have those jobs. Let’s take all the political donations poring in to support the Democrats and Republicans in this argument and pay off our State debt…arguments ended. Of course, out-of-state protesters are welcome to come spend their money here while they protest. After all, Wisconsin is open for business. Just ask the Governor.

    • Bsims

      Unem-polo-yed, great take on the rich get richer. The call for violence is ubelievable. Obviously, this man has no grip on reality or he would hear what is actually happening in Wisconsin and realize it isn’t all peaceful rally-time. It’s costing the State millions in custodial money to clean up the damage the protesters are doing. Of course, the teachers-some of the richest people in the state, are passing the hat and collecting to help out-what an insult, since the people cleaning up after them are also public union employees.

  • Anonymous

    That’s what the 2nd ammendment was created for. Blood sucking union leeches like this clown. Look how fast he back peddled. Typical Lib Moron. This guy would the first one hiding when the S#%T hit’s the fan. RESIGN

  • David

    The Democratic Party should change its symbol from a donkey to a jackrabbit. A jackrabbit would more accurately symbolize the true nature of the party. A kicking donkey, to me, represents a fighter and not someone who flees at the sound of thunder. Democrat legislators, when faced with adversity, run across state lines and actually hide instead of standing up and debating the merits of the issue at hand. They did it in Texas in 2003 and they are doing in it Wisconsin right now. Like a child whose playmate has refused to let him or her play with a toy – and then runs away pouting. Ignoring our enormous economic problems by running from them and hiding is not only immature – it will eventually lead to the financial collapse of our nation.

  • Rowwdy

    This Capuano is a real idiot. ““get a little bloody.” Be careful what you advocate for there Capuano, you will get more than you bargained for. Only a cheap politician hiding behind security would say something like that anyway. PUNK!

    ““Politicians, I think are too bland today. I don’t know what they believe in. Nothing wrong with throwing a coffee cup at someone if you’re doing it for human rights.”

    And you socialist wonder why respect has declined for politicians? Seems hate speech doesn’t apply to the leftists. It also appears veiled threats get a pass by the liberal media. If a republican had made the above comments, tools like Matthews, Coo Coo Couric and the rest of their ilk would have been all over it like stink on poop.

  • Oceander

    And so we lurch, dragged step by faltering step by liberals, closer and closer to the next Reichstag fire.

  • Anonymous

    “The cheaper the crook,the gaudier the patter”

    ~Sam Spade~
    “The Maltese Falcon”

  • Loonpond

    I strongly support unions…..let me know what I can do!

  • Jonathanmille8

    every one in the whit house should be doing there job and get america back on track