Dem Rep: “Every tax hike produces new revenue, and every tax cut reduces it”

After their electoral drubbing in 2010, New Hampshire House Democrats appear to be concentrating their message to mount a comeback.

They are laying down a marker in favor of higher taxes.

State Rep. Christine Hamm, a Democrat from Hopkinton, asserted “every tax hike produces new revenue, and every tax cut reduces it,” during a hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee last week.

Democrats in New Hampshire, led by Gov. John Lynch, have endeavored to avoid supporting tax increases over the last decade. Lynch has famously frustrated his own party’s liberal base in his strong opposition to additional statewide, broad-based taxes.

But with their numbers in the legislature depleted after the brutal midterm elections last November, the ideological pendulum within the Democratic caucus in the House has actually move leftward. This puts the party’s tax policy message into the hands of folks like Rep. Hamm, who appears to believe the sky’s the limit when it comes to extracting more tax dollars from the private economy without consequence.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Anonymous

    As far as I am concerned Dem’s can keep beating this drum and will do one thing for us in NH; get them out sooner than later!

  • Turbotrader2

    The Dems are now reduced in numbers to the hard core lefties running in safe districts. Expect them to oppose any tax cutting initiatives. It’s not part of their socialist agenda.

    The fireworks take off next week when HB-2 is voted in the House. The Dems will highlight the cutbacks, while they continue to push for union featherbedding, job security and outsized benefits for teachers and related public employees. God forbid that dependents of retirees might have to pay slightly more for gold-plated health insurance, already heavily subsidized by the State and not part of any contractual obligation.

    Card check? I thought secret ballots were the cornerstone of liberty and freedom, voting without pressure. Not so for union elections. Let the organizer hand you a card to sign. No pressure, right?

    Hopefully the Repubs have enough votes to override the Governor’s vetoes. They have their own lunatic fringe, the Free Staters and utopian Libertarians. Voting similar the far lefties.

  • Anonymous

    Who could have predicted that a Hamm would want to fund more pork. I didn’t see that coming from a DNC drone from 5 miles up, up, in the atmosphere, where pols antics are so clear … This Hamm should be sent packing into a hermetically sealed tin.

    And don’t forget your DNC dictionary to look up tricky terms like revenue; that means tax in any other language.
    – C. dog, ever the cunning linguist