Updated: Cruz to bring conservative message back to NH in March

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will be back in New Hampshire on March 15.


The Grafton County Republican Committee has announced that the potential presidential candidate will be the features speaker at its Lincoln-Reagan Dinner on Sunday, March 15, at the Indian Head Resort in Lincoln.


Cruz, an outspoken conservative often viewed as a Tea Party favorite and a staunch opponent of President Obama’s immigration policies, was last in the state in September campaigning for 2nd District U.S. House candidate Marilinda Garcia and other state Republican candidates. He also visited the state in April of 2014. Read our April interview with Cruz here.


He also clashed more than a year ago with Sen. Kelly Ayotte and other Senate Republicans over issues stemming from his leading role to block funding for the Affordable Care Act, which led to a government shutdown.

Cruz will appear at the dinner a day after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker makes his first appearance of the 2016 cycle, at a NHGOP training session in Concord. Overall, a host of potential GOP presidential hopefuls are quickly filling the calendar as they move toward becoming candidates.


A Cruz aide said he “is looking forward to his upcoming trip to the Granite State and greeting voters at the Grafton County dinner and beyond.” Other stops may be added, the aide said.


“In Grafton County there are a lot of quite conservative Republicans,” county GOP chairman Bruce Perlo told the New Hampshire Journal Wednesday night, “and they will be very happy to see Senator Cruz and talk with him and try to encourage him on his possible quest for the presidency. There are also a lot of people who are more to the center, but they will also be interested in hearing the senator because he is a very smart and interesting guy.”


As the presidential campaign heats up, it will be of interest to Granite State Republicans how much time Cruz will devote to the first-primary state. He appeals to staunch conservatives, but whether he can broaden that appeal remains to be seen.


However, with a rash of Republicans apparently ready to run, Cruz could do well in New Hampshire if there is, as expected, a battle within the overall primary battle for the conservative mantle.


Author: John DiStaso

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