Coos County GOP Votes ‘No Confidence’ in Chair Horn

Get the popcorn.

The below resolution was passed by the Coos County Republican Committee on Wednesday night:


Expressing no confidence in New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn

Be it resolved that we the members of the Coos County Republican Committee do hereby issue this resolution due to recent actions of Chairman Jennifer Horn in her handling of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee

Whereas the recent attack on longtime New Hampshire Republican State Committee Treasurer Robert Scott by Chairman Horn has distracted the party from its objectives. And,

Whereas Chairman Horn’s personal financial troubles have become a liability to the party and a distraction from our cause of promoting the Republican message and winning elections. Therefore;

We no longer have confidence in Jennifer Horn’s ability to lead the New Hampshire Republican State Committee and perform her duties as Chairman. We also call on the remaining Committees to stand with us and also vote on this, as such. Further, we authorize Coos County Republican Committee Chairman Eric Catman to support a vote of no confidence at the NHGOP Executive Board meeting, should that motion come before him.

According to the Union Leader, the vote was taken via conference call, which may invalidate the whole thing. But this story isn’t going away.

For a full briefing on what’s going on, read WMUR’s James Pindell.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Skunkheadkathy

    This is so hilarious and pathetic I can hardly contain myself!!! NHGOP is a joke, now if you will excuse me I have a breakfast buffet to attend!! Time to strap on the feed bag!!

    • C. dog e. doG

      (I thought you were about to say something altogether different)
      – C. dog, the cur

      • Skunkheadkathy

        C. Dump, the Mongrel how nice of you to chime in. Hey C. Bag can ya believe the state your Party is in? Who would of thought Jack Kimball was the best thing to happen to the Party….bwahahaha ha good night C. Douche, the mixed breed

        • C. dog e. doG

          poor little, tiny, skunky head kathy trying to pull her head out of the democratic manure pile just doesn’t have a clue about the all-night party I belong to. Or is that to which I belong?
          – C. dog lifting rear left leg to sprinkle kathy so that she might grow

  • W.H. Gnade

    I must say I am not a big fan of the art that goes with this story. Perhaps I am a tad too squeamish for such things, but it seems a bit tasteless, really. I should expect something several steps more sophisticated than a photograph that is grotesque in what it literally conveys and crass in what it metaphorically suggests. Are we not better than this (and by “we” I mean anybody)? It’s crudely illustrative, at best.

    On another note, every political party, the Democrats’ current alleged unity notwithstanding, goes through periods of division, even self-cannibalization, from time to time. The Coos County Republicans take umbrage, which is their right, of course. But umbrage is hardly surprising in intra-party politics. The Democrats have, and will continue to have, issues of similar struggle. They are not in any sense exemplary in their unity or affability with each other.

    In other words, one mustn’t sweat too much over such things.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Do elephants sweat, I mean, the one’s that are alive, of course? And are they meat eaters so they can cannibalize? I once saw a grasshopper mouse eat another mouse; now that was gruesome. Who knew nominal vegetarians could and would eat their own.
      – C. dog trying to figure out naked apes from atop an elephant

      • W.H. Gnade

        Dear C. dog e. doG,

        Thanks for the amusing remarks.

        I don’t think it matters whether elephants or even donkeys sweat. Nor does it particularly matter whether herbivores might occasionally swallow an insect or even a rodent. Clearly randy bulls and braying donkeys will smash and nip, stomp and kick, but this hardly amounts to, let’s say, the GOP’s intra-party battles being likened to sheer killing.

        Of course, I sweat, and as an omnivore of sorts carry within me all kinds of tastes. None nearly so unfortunate as cannibalism, but as a political animal, I understand all too easily how one party will cynically exploit another party’s intra-party squabbles to boost its own perceived sense of moral superiority. THAT’s a human thing, I am afraid. A form of oppositional defiance disorder perhaps, only in a more grown-up sort of way.

        (“On another note”, of course.)

        Sweating profusely,


        • C. dog e. doG

          Well played, sir. I especially enjoyed your infusion of the Psychopathologic Industrial Complex pathologizing the behavior of snotty nosed brats as victims suffering from incurable bouts of ODD. I think your diagnosis of pol behavior to be spot on. One can learn a lot about adult behavior from children.
          – C. dog