Conservatives pouce on Hassan issue ads

Gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan is up with two TV ads focusing respectively on education spending and birth control access, and prominent New Hampshire conservatives are seizing on the divisiveness of the issues the Democratic hopeful has chosen to highlight.

“Maggie Hassan is simply unwilling to address issues important to the majority of voters who just want an efficient and affordable state government that doesn’t kill jobs by overtaxing and overregulating their businesses and families,” said Andrew Hemingway, Chairman of 4RG PAC, an organization devoted to electing a Republican governor. “I’m not sure who gave Maggie the idea that New Hampshire citizens care about her special interest donors and their divisive issues, but I have a little advise to share with the former Senate Majority Leader: Voters are not clamoring for increases in spending for government services they can’t afford.

“The people have had a taste of responsible governing from Speaker O’Brien and like-minded legislators, and they expect their next governor to continue living under the stability that such fiscal restraint brings about,” Hemingway added. ”New Hampshire citizens certainly aren’t looking to relinquish any more of their hard-earned money so Maggie Hassan can go on another irresponsible spending spree.”

Hemingway also called on Hassan to release specific details of her fiscal plan to Granite State voters.

“If Maggie’s spending plans will require another income tax on small businesses or a broad-based sales tax, she should just be honest about it,” Hemingway said. “Clearly, Maggie has her priorities mixed up and she doesn’t want to admit there’s just no money in our slowly recovering economy to pay for much of what she wants to do.”

Hassan faces fellow Democrats Jackie Cilley and Bill Kennedy in a September primary and will potentially face either Ovide Lamontagne or Kevin Smith in the November general election.

View Hassan’s two ads below:

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • NH MOM

    Why does she also refuse to allow poor kids to get a quality education by opposing school choice?  HEr husband works at one of the most expensive schools that feed into the Ivy League colleges.  That’s pathetic and elitist

  • Ed

    This seems like a good place to complain about Hassan’s arrogant “push-poll” I was subjected to on roughly August 14. In the middle of more normal questions, suddenly I felt subjected to a Hasson-for-Gov advertisement right off the TV screen! It was so very wrong and biased, and ended with a question. Hassan must think we are idiots to not perceive the push….albeit since Democrats have a stranglehold on the so-called education system in America, I’m sure far too many did not detect the push in that push-poll. Hassan personifies all that is wrong with American politics in general and the Dumbocratic Party in particular.