Congressional Leadership Fund blasts Shea-Porter for extravagant staff bonuses

Today, the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) released the latest Carol ‘Shea-Pelosi’ Tax Receipt, detailing the lavish bonuses Shea-Porter bestowed on her staff after she was defeated by Frank Guinta in 2010. According to the numbers on this week’s receipt, it seems that the only way constituents’ economic circumstances improved under Shea-Porter is if they were working for her.

For only two days of work, and after her official office had closed, Shea-Porter gave her Chief of Staff a $13,500 and her Deputy Chief of Staff an $11,555 bonus. This amounts to more than $25,000 for two government staffers over the course of two days.

Naturally, business owners have the right to hand out staff bonuses at their own discretion, but Shea-Porter seems to have believed she could treat taxpayer funds as if they were profits from her own private business.

“While Granite Staters struggled under the weight of Carol Shea-Porter’s tax increases, Shea-Porter was busy handing out staff bonuses courtesy of the taxpayers’ checkbook,” said CLF Spokeswoman Brook Hougeson.

View this week’s Carol ‘Shea-Pelosi’ Tax Receipt:

Author: Staff Reporter

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