It’s early, but Cliff Hurst says he’s on board with Scott Walker

Former NHGOP vice chairman Cliff Hurst has made one of the first – if not the first – significant endorsements of the upcoming New Hampshire Primary campaign.


Hurst, a well-known veteran activist and former three-time chairman of the Manchester Republican Committee, told the New Hampshire Journal today that if  Scott Walker runs for President – as he is certainly expected to do – he will be behind the Wisconsin governor.


“I actually met with him for breakfast when he came here last Friday and we had a one-on-one and talked for about a hour,” Hurst said in an interview. “I’ve been researching his background for quite a long time and I really like what he has accomplished. It’s easy for someone to say what they want to do but when someone has actually done something it means a lot.”

As for the earIy endorsement, Hurst said, “I thought I might as well tell people where I stand. It may help him, or it may hurt him, but I do have a lot of friends.”


Hurst said he was the first person to endorse former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, in 2005, long before Huckabee ran for President in the 2008 cycle. “I related to him as a person,” he said.


“I have the highest regard for him as well as for (former) Governor (Rick) Perry and (Kentucky Sen.) Rand Paul, but for me Governor Walker seemed like my best choice.” Hurst endorsed Perry during the former Texas governor’s short-lived campaign in 2011.


Walker met with numerous leading Republicans and activists when he was in the state last Friday and Saturday. Hurst is the first to disclose publicly that he has endorsed Walker.


Hurst also told the New Hampshire Journal,  “We’re so fortunate to be here in New Hampshire and have our primary. It’s really a celebration of politics.”

Author: John DiStaso

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  • JP

    I am certain that Cliff’s endorsement will encourage others to join him in supporting Gov. Walker. I held a private event for him Friday afternoon and found him to be well informed about International concerns as well as National. I believe that his message will resonate with NH Conservatives.