Carol Shea-Porter wants it both ways on Super PACs

Former Congresswoman and current 1st District candidate Carol Shea-Porter has long made her disdain for independent expenditure groups known as ‘Super PACs’ clear. Take, for example, an op-ed she penned for the Bedford Journal back in January, titled ‘Super PACs are drowning the voices of small-dollar donors’:

Super PACs and their very wealthy donors are drowning out the voices of the small-dollar donors. David Woodward, a professor of political science at Clemson University, said in the Kansas City Star, “it goes back to politics before we had campaign finance reform and Watergate. It’s just a complete reversal that has brought us full circle to where it’s rich guys playing politics.” Or, I might add, playing for friendly policies and legislation.

And she had this advice for voters:

Visit Web sites such as The Sunlight Foundation, and see information on Super PACs. Ask candidates if they will support legislation to take this kind of money out of politics.

So Shea-Porter has not only been on record denouncing the very existence of Super PACs; she also believes that candidates should vow to support legislation that would get rid of them.

Her avowed principle is now being put to the test, as a Super PAC has launched an attack against her opponent, Republican Congressman Frank Guinta.

From SeacoastOnline, describing the scene outside a Rye Republican Town Committee event on Sunday:

Protesters stood at the end of the street holding signs assailing Guinta for his record on women’s rights and other issues. The protesters were from the CREDO SuperPAC, a group aiming to ensure Guinta is not re-elected to Congress.

“We’re here to hold him accountable to New Hampshire families,” said protester Dave Lam. “We’ll be here until November.”

Shea-Porter has to date refused to criticize CREDO’s actions or funding, or to ask the group to not get involved in her race.

The disconnect between Shea-Porter’s rhetoric and actions with regard to Super PACs begs the question; is she really against Super PACs or just against Super PACs that are against her?

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Let’s drown out Carol’s voice this fall with a sound vote lashing!
    – C. dog, The Canine Dominatrix