Cap-and-Trade, Dodd-Frank targets of third ‘Carol Shea-Pelosi’ Tax Receipt

The Congressional Leadership Fund released the latest ‘Carol Shea-Pelosi’ Tax Receipt detailing the massive tax hikes found in the Cap and Tax legislation and Dodd-Frank law which Shea-Porter supported during her two terms in office. This is the third installment in CLF’s campaign to highlight former 1st District Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s history of shamelessly supporting tax increases on Granite Staters.

Cap-and-Trade, a carbon tax program that would crush businesses while producing dubious-at-best environment benefits, rang in at nearly $860 billion, and Dodd-Frank, which was responsible for creating too-big-to-fail banks, cost more than $13 billion. This amounts to a total of about $871 billion in taxpayer dollars.

“Carol Shea-Porter has a long and painful history of shamelessly supporting tax increases that would hurt Granite Staters. Between Obamacare, budgets, Cap-and-Trade and Dodd-Frank, she’s supported more than $4 trillion in higher taxes,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Brook Hougesen, “Simply put, re-electing Shea-Porter would ring up another costly receipt that families and small businesses cannot.”

The embeddable online widget allows users to view and print a detailed receipt of tax increases Carol Shea-Pelosi, ahem Porter, has supported. However, be warned, the list of Shea-Pelosi taxes is getting pretty long – make sure your printers have plenty of paper and ink.

View this week’s tax receipt below:

Author: Staff Reporter

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