Candidate Word Association with Andrew Breitbart

NH Journal interviewed conservative new media maven Andrew Breitbart today in advance of his upcoming New Hampshire event with Americans for Prosperity. With tonight’s debate in mind we asked Breitbart to play a little game with us. We said the name of each presidential candidate that was slated to participate in the CNN/Tea Party debate, and Breitbart had just a few moments to say the first phrase that came to mind.

Here’s how he summed up the 2012 contenders:

Mitt Romney: “Plays it too safe, need to stop acting like the Tea Party is beneath him.”

Rick Perry: “Quirky. Like him from afar, but getting excited to get to know him better.”

Michele Bachmann: “One of the most eloquent and intelligent political fighters I have ever seen.”

Newt Gingrich: “Kudos on going after the media, if you heard clapping that was me.”

Herman Cain: “Heroic, deserving of being on the stage, hopefully representative of a movement of not just black conservatives but entrepreneurs instead of lawyers.”

Jon Huntsman: “Darling. Perfectly coiffed. A noble one-percenter.”

Ron Paul: “[Insert something snarky and dismissive about his rabid followers who do much to hurt his cause.]”

Rick Santorum: “Being right on life isn’t going to be enough this time around.”

Stay tuned for more from our interview with Andrew Breitbart.

Amanda Markell contributed to this report

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Mark

    To continue the association game…

    Andrew Breitbart:  Most shameless fabricator since the advent of yellow journalism a century and a quarter ago.

    • Magneticnorth

      Yeah, isn’t he Great? Kinda hurts to have to take your own medicine, doesn’t it? Get used to it -the truth shall set you free! Bitter hater, party of one…

      Proud to be a tea-party SOB

    • SuperMom

      Simple name calling doesn’t work anymore, Mark.  Haven’t you heard?  If you don’t have the facts to back up what you’re saying, it’s YOU who look like the shameless idiot… which is the case here. 

    • Anonymous

      Can you give, say, 10 concrete, unequivocal examples of fabrication by Andrew Breitbart? If he is the most shameless fabricator in 125 years, that shouldn’t be too much of an ask. Waiting….

  • rjligier

    The homosexual “marriage” movement reveals its real agenda

  • Shawn Thompson

    Breitbart?  OMG