Campaign notes: The ‘late, great’ Marshall Cobleigh now part of campaign 2014

MONDAY, OCT. 27: HE’S BACK — SORT OF. Marshall Cobleigh, the former late New Hampshire House speaker who died in 2009, is back on the campaign trail – in a manner of speaking.


As a follow up to last Tuesday debate on New England Cable News, in which Sen. Jeanne Shaheen denied ever opposing the Seabrook nuclear power plant, the state Republican Party put out a video of Shaheen and Cobleigh on a 1987 television talk show, in which Shaheen talks about the dangers of nuclear power.


On Wednesday, the party issued a press release containing an op-ed Cobleigh wrote in 2008 – when Shaheen was running against and eventually defeated John E. Sununu – in which Cobleigh wrote that with gasoline prices rising, Shaheen was “part of the problem.”


He continued, “Long-time New Hampshire residents know that she and I were weekly regulars on Channel 9’s ‘Close Up’ program for 10 years (and I have many of the tapes of those programs). Those tapes show Shaheen fighting fiercely to hamstring nuclear licensing regulations. They also show her fighting against building an oil refinery in Rochester after the Durham location failed.”


He wrote that Shaheen’s record shows “she has done nothing to solve the problem” of higher energy costs.


The NHGOP entitled the release: “The Late, Great Marshall Cobleigh on Jeanne Shaheen’s Opposition to Nuclear Power.”


Today, Foster’s Daily Democrat inexplicably published the Cobleigh op-ed, not mentioning that Cobleigh had passed away five years ago. That elicited headlines such as:


_ Bloomberg: “Politician Who Has Been Dead Since 2009 Just Weighed In on New Hampshire Senate Race’


_ Talking Points Memo: “Op-Ed Authored By Dead Politician Attacks Shaheen In NH Senate Race”


The state GOP was at a loss as to explain why it was published with no reference to the fact that Cobleigh is dead.


NHGOP spokesman Lauren Zelt said in a statement:


“During last week’s NBC News/ New England Cable News debate, Jeanne Shaheen lied to New Hampshire about her long history of opposing nuclear power. In the 1980s, Shaheen was a fierce opponent of New Hampshire’s Seabrook Nuclear Plant and frequently debated former House Speaker Marshall Cobleigh on local television about this issue. To highlight Shaheen’s blatant lies about her anti-nuclear power activism, the New Hampshire GOP circulated clips of Speaker Cobeligh’s television appearances and his 2008 op-ed after the debate.


“We did not intend for this op-ed to be republished and clearly listed the original date of publication and mentioned that Marshall had passed away. But we’re sure that somewhere Marshall Cobleigh is looking down and laughing at the fact that he had once last chance to debunk the lies of his old nuclear power nemesis.”


MONDAY, OCT. 27: NEW GUINTA AD. Republican 1ST District U.S. House candidate Frank Guinta is out with a new ad accusing Rep. Carol Shea-Porter of “lying about” his finances.


The ad says the House Ethics Committee “100 percent cleared Frank Guinta” and he is in “full compliance. It does on to make other accusations about Shea-Porter that have already been debated in the campaign and the praises Guinta on leadership and fiscal responsibility.


Shea-Porter campaign spokesman Marjorie Connolly reacted, “Frank Guinta’s decision to make his ongoing ethics investigation, which was requested by a Republican who noted problems with Guinta’s financial disclosure forms, a campaign issue is a major mistake. Even though the Shea-Porter campaign has nothing to do with these corruption ads, the truth is that Frank Guinta is still under investigation by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for his mystery bank account. Guinta’s ad misleadingly claims he’s been cleared by the House Ethics Committee, but they never investigated him, because he was not in Congress at the time. He is under investigation by the FEC, not the Ethics Committee. Frank Guinta’s ‘look here, not there’ approach to this ongoing ethics investigation reflects badly on him. New Hampshire voters deserve better.”


View the Guinta ad below.




MONDAY, OCT. 27: FIRE FIGHTERS BACK CAROL. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter was endorsed today by the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire. PFFNH president David Lang said she “has always stood up for middle class families. It is very clear from her history and her voting record that her priorities are to the people on Main Street, not the people on Wall Street. She has always been a friend to fire fighters, and knows that keeping the public safe is not just a talking point, but a responsibility that she takes seriously.”
MONDAY, OCT. 27: MAUREEN’S RADIO AD. Democratic District 16 state Senate candidate Maureen Raiche Manning is up with a modest, $4,000 radio ad buy for the final week of the campaign.


She is challenging Republican incumbent David Boutin.


According to the Manning campaign, the ad says Manning will “work to create jobs,” and “work to pass a balanced budget without a sales or income tax,” while Boutin “voted with Bill O’Brien and the Koch Brothers to block efforts to raise the minimum wage and has voted to cut funding from our public colleges and universities.”

Author: John DiStaso

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