Campaign notes: Brown hit for ‘polio’ comment; Shaheen camp memo expresses confidence

THURSDAY, OCT. 30: EBOLA, POLIO. Democrats hammered Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown for suggesting in a radio interview today that a lack of secure borders is a portal not only for Ebola to enter the country, but also whooping cough and even polio.


“The number one, two, and three issues on their mind is Ebola, because of the lack of government’s coordination and coherent policy on that,” Brown said on NH1 Radio News. “They’re talking about Ebola because we have people coming here illegally.”


“Carrying diseases doesn’t need to be Ebola,” he said. “But the whooping cough and polio and other types of potential diseases are coming through.”


According to the World Health Organization, polio decreased by 99 percent from 1988 to with an estimated more than 350,000 cases, to 416 reported cases last year.


In response to Brown, the state Democratic Party issued a statement by Concord physician Travis Harker:


“Scott Brown has zero experience when it comes to contagious or infectious diseases. He’s the last person who should be falsely scaring Granite Staters into thinking that Ebola and polio are coming into the United States across our southern border. Not only is this flat wrong, it’s dangerously irresponsible, and he should be ashamed of himself. Brown has already distorted a global health crisis—the Ebola outbreak in West Africa—to fit his own political end game. Now he has resorted to irresponsibly making more things up to alarm New Hampshire families, and that should tell everyone that he’s not fit to lead our state in the Senate.”


Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has accused Brown of “fear-mongering” on Ebola and the threat of the terrorist group ISIS.


Harker last year served on a special state commission to study Medicaid expansion. He was appointed by House speaker Terie Norelli.


THURSDAY, OCT. 30: SHAHEEN CAMPAIGN MEMO. A public memo by the Shaheen campaign today points out recent polls in which she is leading and notes that in all polls her favorability rating is far ahead of Brown.


“The Closing Message: Scott Brown is NOT for New Hampshire,” the memo on the campaign web site says. It says that Brown supported “billions in Big Oil tax breaks and delivered for Wall Street, weakening financial reforms to save big banks $19 billion.” It also says that women “can’t trust” Brown due to his opposition to the Paycheck Fairness Act, and his support for the Blunt Amendment and the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Hobby Lobby” decision.


“Scott Brown only moved here to run for office,” the memo says, touting Shaheen’s “extensive, well-organized grassroots field organization. Democrats have 20 field offices across the state – more than double the 7 field offices that Scott Brown has.”


Read the full memo here.


Author: John DiStaso

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