Campaign notes: Ad barrage and related charges, counter-charges; Hassan appointees to primary commission

TUESDAY, OCT. 21: “FOUR PINOCCHIOS” A television ad carrying a similar message to the one in Republican Frank Guinta’s ad against Rep. Carol Shea-Porter has been rated “false” and earned “Four Pinocchios” from the “Face Checkers” at The Washington Post.



Guinta on Monday began airing an ad charging that Shea-Porter voted to allow members of Congress “first class travel and health care for life.”




But Shea-Porter’s campaign said that the provision was a “poison pill” inserted to a GOP budget resolution which contained other major provisions with which Shea-Porter disagreed. The campaign spokesman, Marjorie Connolly pointed out that when similar language was included in a Democratic alternative budget, Guinta voted against it – and so that in effect, Guinta also voted in favor of allowing member of Congress first-class air travel for life.





Today, Shea-Porter’s campaign and the state Democratic Party noted that the Washington Post found a similar ad, by the pro-GOP Congressional Leadership Fund, “a four-Pinocchio Falsehood.”




The state Democratic Party called the Guinta ad “desperately misleading” and said it should be taken off the air.



NEW CLF AD. The Congressional Leadership Fund has a new ad out today attacking Shea-Porter as a 95 percent supporter of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and her agenda.



As the New Hampshire Journal first reported on Oct. 7, CLF, a super PAC with ties to House speaker John Boehner, said it would spend $1.6 million in independent expenditures against Shea-Porter before Nov. 4 as part of $12 million in nationwide spending.



The ad will air through Election Day. on Boston broadcast and cable TV and Manchester broadcast TV.



View the ad below.






REID’S PAC IS BACK. In the U.S. Senate race, Harry Reid’s Senate Majority PAC is up with a new television ad attacking Republican Scott Brown as supporter of shipping jobs overseas.


In the Senate, Brown voted for huge tax breaks for American companies that moved jobs overseas,” the ad says. “After losing his Senate seat, Brown pocketed over $250,000 form a company that outsources U.S. jobs to China and Mexico.




View the ad below.




HITTING SHAHEEN. Brown and allies at Concerned Veterans of America are hitting Shaheen on energy prices and for allegedly being “AWOL” during the Veterans Affairs crisis.



Brown’s web ad contrasts Shaheen’s campaign promise to lower electric rates while running for governor in 1996 to reports of electricity costs about to skyrocket for thousands of Granite Staters today.



View the Brown web ad below.





The CVA ad says Shaheen “refused to meet with veterans that pushed for reform and “wasn’t on the committee that wrote the reform legislation and refused to co-sponsor” key legislation.



The Shaheen campaign said the ad “completely distorts” her record and is funded by a group that is “funded by the Koch brothers and Big Oil.




“This ad couldn’t be further from the truth and no veteran here in New Hampshire is going to be fooled by its blatantly false claims,” Jim Steiner, a registered Republican and former Green Beret from Concord, said in a Shaheen campaign statement. “It’s truly outrageous that out-of-state interests would stoop so low and smear a Senator who has done so much throughout her career to make a difference for New Hampshire veterans. As a veteran and a Republican, I’m disgusted by this attack.”




View the CVA ad below.





HAVENSTEIN CHARGES. Republican candidate for governor Walt Havenstein charges Gov. Maggie Hassan with “reckless spending” and claims her goal is an income tax in a new ad out today. The ad begins by saying, “Some second terms are a mistake,” as a photo of President Obama appears on the screen.



Hassan’s campaign calls the ad “dishonest and misleading.”



View the Havenstein ad below.





CENTENNIAL COMMISSION APPOINTEES. Gov. Maggie Hassan today appointed give Granite Staters to the Presidential Primary Centennial Anniversary Commission to help plan the observance of the 100th anniversary of the first-in-the-nation presidential primary.


Hassan appointed three Democrats – lobbyist Jim Demers of Concord, former state Democratic Party chair Joseph Keefe of Rye and former state Rep. Jennifer Daler of Temple.



She also appointed two Republicans – newspaper publisher and columnist John Harrigan of Colebrook and former state Republican Party chair Jayne Millerick of Bow.



The commission also includes four members of the Legislature appointed by legislative leadership, the Secretary of State or designee and six other public members also appointed by legislative leadership.

Author: John DiStaso

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  • Bill Turenne

    “I’m particularly disappointed in Senator Shaheen trying to take credit for
    these VA reforms because I was in Washington for CVA’s ‘Vets on the Hill’ when
    she refused our meeting request,” said New Hampshire veteran and former
    Mayor of Somersworth, Matt Spencer. “I thought for sure Senator
    Shaheen would give us the early bipartisan support we needed because she’s
    stood with New Hampshire veterans in the past, but in this case, she let me –
    and all New Hampshire vets – down.” HOW ABOUT YOU INCLUDE THIS NH VET’S QUOTE, JOHN!??!?!? HE WAS ACTUALLY THERE.