Campaign NH: Shaheen hits Ted Cruz, releases new ad; Hassan airs first ad; Mitt backs Walt

SHAHEEN VS. CRUZ. It took five days, but Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign has responded to last week’s attack by Texas Sen. and potential presidential candidate Ted Cruz.


Cruz on Aug. 1 penned a fundraising email for the NHGOP blasting Shaheen on the immigration issue – saying she voted in “ lock-step with President Obama to prevent any efforts to finally secure our border or stop President Obama’s amnesty.” Wading into the U.S. Senate race – but not endorsing any of the three GOP candidates vying to take on Shaheen — Cruz called for contributions to state Republicans in order to retire Shaheen, shift the Senate to GOP control and retire Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.


Although Cruz’s fundraising email was for the state party, Shaheen’s campaign predictably took the opportunity to link “extremist” Cruz to the more moderate Scott Brown. In an email blast calling for contributions, her campaign the Shaheen campaign said Cruz was “meddling in New Hampshire and rallying his Tea Party supporters behind his buddy, Scott Brown. Because Cruz knows … that if the GOP wins New Hampshire, they’ll control the entire U.S. Senate.


“Brown and Cruz will do anything for the chance to force their anti-middle class agenda on Americans.”


SHAHEEN’S NEW AD. Here’sSen. Jeanne Shaheen’s  latest ad can be found quickly. Entitled “Breakthough,” it focuses on her support for the recently-passed bipartisan veterans affairs reform bill and is the sixth ad put out by the Shaheen campaign, including one that had a 30-second and 60-second version.


HASSAN’S FIRST AD. Gov. Maggie Hassan talks about problem-solving and bipartisanship in her first ad of the campaign season.
She has no primary while the Republican candidates battle to determine who takes her on in the fall.



WALT BACKS MITT. Walt Havenstein and Mitt Romney have homes in the Lakes Region, have been CEOs of large companies and epitomize the “establishment” Republican mode.
Havenstein has contributed heavily to Romney in the past.


And so, it was no surprise that the 2012 presidential nominee backed candidate for governor Havenstein earlier today.


The Romney endorsement is a sign that the Havenstein campaign, after a rough road in the spring and early summer, is beginning to straighten itself out. It’s bringing on a new deputy campaign manager on Monday, courtesy of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.


Romney’s endorsement, added to the endorsement by Christie, sends a message that national Republicans believe Havenstein is a credible candidate who can win the GOP nomination and give Gov. Maggie Hassan a serious run.


If there was any surprise in the Romney announcement, it was how harshly he went after Hassan.
“Maggie Hassan has been too busy thinking about running for the U.S. Senate in 2016 to focus on the job at hand: fixing New Hampshire’s economic stagnation,” Romney said.


He then said that Havenstein “is exactly what New Hampshire needs right now. From his service to our country in the Marine Corps, to running some of the world’s best businesses, including BAE Systems, Walt has the leadership experience to turn New Hampshire’s economy around. Walt has the know-how to put New Hampshire back on the map of the most competitive places in America to do business.”


Havenstein said the Romney endorsement is a sign of increasing momentum for his campaign.
Romney also has the potential to raise serious money for Havenstein, who sent out an email blast soliciting contributions shortly after the endorsement was announced.
Democrats said Romney and Havenstein are two of a kind and Romney helped pioneer the destructive model of shipping jobs overseas to pad corporate profits.”

Author: John DiStaso

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  • jerseycity

    Lap dogs like Shaheen always look down on working dogs like Cruz..

    Shaheen has been a Senator for almost six years.
    Veterans have heard NOTHING from her about the fact that there is
    no VA hospital in New Hampshire, just a very good clinic in Manchester.
    For almost six years she does NOTHING then for her re-election attempt
    she suddenly becomes the the friend of the veterans… so sad that she is so cynical.

  • jerseycity

    The difference between Hassan the lawyer, and Havenstein the builder…

    We have in front of us the quintessential difference between Hassan and Havenstein
    when we look at the willy nilly, blind, and useless trip Hassan took to Turkey
    and then look at Havenstein’s plan for building business in New Hampshire.
    Knowing nothing about business Hassan took off with an entourage of a dozen to
    essentially “cold call” Turkey for business. Anyone who does sales as a living for any
    sophisticated company knows that cold calls went the way of the dodo bird,
    but that is all Hassan knows. Just take a look at the results~~~NONE!
    If there were any you would most definitely be hearing about them from Hassan,,,
    but nothing is head.

    Havenstein with his five decades of managing and producing results has just produced
    a simple yet effective plan to bring business and jobs to New Hampshire.
    He will be in the Governor’s office to close the deals. That is the way business is done
    in the 21st Century.

    See the plan for yourself: