Scott Brown, Gail Huff take ‘ice-bucket challenge’ to fight ALS

Once in a while in a campaign, there just  has to be a light moment – or two. And all the better if it’s for a good cause.


GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown this morning took the “Ice Bucket Challenge” that has been sweeping the Boston sports scene to battle ALS.


And he challenged Executive Councilor Chris Sununu and state Sens. Jeanie Forrester and Jeb Bradley to do the same.




While Scott Brown did it near his home in Rye, his wife, Gail Huff, dumped the icy water on herself this morning in a far more public setting, outside of South Station in Boston on Boston Herald radio.


“I’m crazy enough to do this in public because that’s how important it is to stamp out ALS,” said Huff.




Author: John DiStaso

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