Brown, in closing TV ad, says nation ‘is at a crossroads’

Republican Scott Brown’s closing television ad of the long U.S. Senate campaign shows him sitting in front of a fireplace, calmly warning, “Our nation is at a crossroads.”



The ad, which begins airing today and will continue through Election Day, was released a day after Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s released a new ad with a closing message, in which she also looks straight into the camera and promises to fight for the state. The New Hampshire Journal reported on the Shaheen ad yesterday.


Brown, seated in his home in Rye, says, “The economy is still not creating enough good-paying jobs and we’re dealing with new threats to our way of life.”



He then says, “On issue after issue, Senator Shaheen continues to vote with President Obama 99 percent of the time. She promised to be independent, but Washington changed her. The President is not on the ballot but he says his policies are.

“To change direction, we need to change Senators.”

He promises “to be that independent senator that stands for New Hampshire.”


View the Brown ad below.



While Brown talks about Shaheen’s support for Obama and about national issues, Shaheen, in her ad, focuses on her work locally — and takes a swipe at Brown’s move to the state from Massachusetts.




Shaheen says,  “We’re tough here. I never back down from a fight for the people of New Hampshire. I don’t work for the big oil companies or the big banks, I work for you.”





She says she has been “saving jobs at the Shipyard, helping our businesses compete, allowing families to refinance student loans and veterans get health care close to home.”




She does not mention Brown by name in her ad, but she says, “I didn’t just move here. I’ve been here, fighting for you.”




View the Shaheen ad below.

Author: John DiStaso

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