Brown ended third quarter with $2.2 million less on hand than Shaheen

Two weeks ago, Scott Brown’s campaign disclosed to the New Hampshire Journal that it had raised $3.6 million during the third quarter of the year that ended Sept. 30, but said at the time it did not have an end-of-quarter cash-on-hand figure available.


Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign then announced it had raised $3.5 million during the period. And it also announced that as of Sept. 30, it had $3.5 million on hand.


Why Brown’s camp didn’t disclose its cash-on-hand number two weeks ago has been a subject of speculation. Usually when such a number is withheld, the number is not good.


And this afternoon, his campaign reported it had on hand $2.2 million less than Shaheen when the quarter ended.


The quarterly report, posted this afternoon and first reported by Politico, showed that he had $1.3 million on hand as of that date.


It’s arguable whether the figure means Brown is in a financial bind during the final month of the campaign – a campaign in which the bulk of the spending on advertising against Shaheen has been by outside third party groups.


His campaign says it has enough money to carry through to the end of the campaign, but the figure raises still another aspect of the campaign to watch in the final two weeks.


“The strong support that Scott Brown has received indicates that our message is resonating and our momentum is growing,” spokesman Elizabeth Guyton said in a statement. “The people of New Hampshire are ready for a change and want a senator who will represent their values instead of voting with President Obama 99 percent of the time. Our campaign has the resources we need to defeat Jeanne Shaheen and ensure that she is a one-term senator.”


Author: John DiStaso

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