Brown blasts Obama delay on immigration action

Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown today criticized as political President Barack Obama’s decision to delay until after the mid-term election executive action to make substantial changes to the nation’s immigration system until after the election.


The New York Times reported today that Obama is delaying an announcement in “bowing to the concerns of Senate Democrats on the ballots.”


Brown said, “President Obama’s decision to delay executive action to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants until after the election is of little comfort to people like myself who believe in the rule of law.


“Make no mistake: President Obama plans to grant amnesty, it’s just that he will cynically wait until after the election so as not to harm Senate Democrats like Jeanne Shaheen. On illegal immigration and so many other issues, Jeanne Shaheen stands with the President, as she has with his previous executive orders on amnesty. Senator Shaheen votes with President Obama 99 percent of the time.”

Author: John DiStaso

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