Bradley and Millerick tackle Biden’s middle-class remarks and Obama’s policies

In an early morning press call, New Hampshire state Senator Jeff Bradley and former Republican State Committee chair Jane Millerick laid into the Obama administration’s policies while simultaneously touting Governor Romney’s ability to get the economy back on track.

Referencing yesterday’s remarks from Vice President Joe Biden, in which he stated that the middle-class had been “buried in the last four years,” Bradley stated that he “thought it was indicative of the fact that Mr. Biden apparently has looked in the mirror and seen that the policies of the Obama administration are what is causing the problem.”

“Now Vice President Biden agrees with Governor Romney,” he continued.

Millerick called the comments, which have been thrust into the spotlight by Republicans nationwide, as peek into Biden’s “heart that should give undecided voters here in New Hampshire pause.”
“Shouldn’t that give voters here in New Hampshire a great reason to take a look at Governor Romney?” she continued.

Both Senator Bradley and former Chairwoman Millerick praised Governor Romney’s ability to move the country in the right direction while simultaneously savaging President Obama’s handling of the economy. “To me, the most telling statistic is the fact that last month, four times as many Americans gave up looking for work as found a job,” stated Bradley.

The call closed with Millerick pointing out two studies from the American Enterprise Institute, one of which showed that middle-class families would have to pay “$4,000 more in higher taxes” to cover the cost of the Obama administration’s spending; the other confirmed that Governor Romney’s plan will not raise taxes on middle-class families.

Millerick summed it up in saying that “if they cannot feel good about the past four years themselves, how are we to feel about that?”

Author: Staff Reporter

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