UPDATED: Blog comment threatens Speaker O’Brien

BlueHampshire.com, a left-leaning blog that frequently hosts commentary by Democratic state leaders is backing away from a bizarre comment made by a regular poster that featured the poster fantasizing about driving his car over Speaker Bill O’Brien.

The comment, posted Wednesday afternoon, read:

“I was just in Cahncid driving down Main St. and my car tried to speed up when I saw Speaker O’Lien in the crosswalk…thank God my brain and my car are disconnected…I was barely able to contain myself.Perhaps we’ll get to see good old fashioned duels on the Statehouse lawn to take our minds off the real issues…maybe even a hanging or two.”
No Muzzle, No WHHP by: JonnyBBad @ Wed Jan 05, 2011 at 13:45:55 PM CST
Posted on BlueHampshire

The comment has since been removed with the following explanation:

“JonnyB’s comment upthread deleted. (0.00 / 0) The same pseudnoymous user on the red team who has previously made bizarre and untrue claims about me and others is already misinterpreting it in an effort to sidetrack from these undemocratic actions from the legislature, so I deleted it so we can focus squarely on the subject of this diary.”
birch, finch, beech by: Dean Barker @ Wed Jan 05, 2011 at 17:50:20 PM CST
Posted on BlueHampshire

The post prompting the comment was written by Democratic National Committeewoman Kathy Sullivan.  NH Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley also regularly posts on the site.

This incident is not without precedent; last year a Democratic State Representative was forced to resign after publicly fantasizing about the death of Sarah Palin.  Another Democratic State Representative drew international criticism last year for suggesting that “two nukes wasn’t enough” for the Japanese during World War II.

UPDATE: New Hampshire Republican Party Spokesman Ryan Williams weighed in with a statement to NH Journal: “The comments were outrageous and completely uncalled for and have no place in our public discourse. This is a blog that is frequented by Democrat leaders including the state party chairman and a member of the Democratic National Committee,” said Williams, “They need to immediately denounce this disgusting behavior and call for an immediate apology.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • http://www.gnbtaxpayers.com/ Gerard Beloin

    As a candidate for the US Senate from NH in the NH primary I was under threat, on tape, for my political activism.


    No one stood up for me? Will NH Journal stand up for me?

    Gerard Beloin – GNB Taxpayers

  • Anonymous

    Outrageous? Where’s the threat here? Where was Ryan Williams when Fergus Cullen was sending out party newsletters containing jokes about killing the Clinton family?

    You people are hypocrites and liars.

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