Biundo in Rand Paul’s inner circle at private Washington ’16 planning session

As Rand Paul today convened several dozen of his key advisers in Washington to begin discussing his expected run for the presidency, a key New Hampshire strategist was in the private meeting.


Mike Biundo of Manchester, as the New Hampshire Journal first reported, in July was named Chief Strategist for New England of RANDPAC, Reinventing A New Direction PAC and National Senior Advisor and Coalitions Director.


Biundo is the former campaign manager for former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and engineered his strong showings in several states across the country before Santorum  bowed out of the 2012 race for the GOP presidential nomination. At that point, Biundo moved to the Mitt Romney campaign as deputy coalitions director.


Biundo began laying the groundwork for a likely Paul candidacy in New Hampshire even during the midterm election campaign. Paul was a frequent visitor to the state on behalf of U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown, and although Brown lost to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen on Nov. 4, Paul began building good will among GOP activists, beyond those who were in the camp of his father, Ron Paul, when he finished second to Romney in the 2012 first—in-the-nation presidential primary.


Paul has been involved in the midterm elections far beyond New Hampshire, however. He has reportedly campaigned in 35 states.


Also, Paul has taken aim at Hillary Clinton, considered the heavy favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination.


Paul has said in recent days that he expects to announce whether he will run for President in the spring, probably mid-April. But in the meantime, advisers have reportedly been mapping out plans for an announcement tour and overall campaign strategy.


Expectations of Paul in New Hampshire are already high should be run, given his father’s strong showing here in 2012, his appeal to the libertarian/liberty movement type of Republican that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the Granite State, and his active schedule in the state so far this year.


As we’ve reported, while plans are not definite, we’re told that Paul can be expected to return to the state in December, this time talking about his own views for the country unfettered by the need to talk about candidates in the midterm election.


As for Biundo, given his titles, his background in grassroots organizing and the fact that he was one of those asked to be at today’s summit, he can be expected to play a major role in a Paul presidential campaign.


Interestingly, Paul is reportedly planning to run for reelection to the U.S. Senate even while seeking the GOP presidential nomination.

Author: John DiStaso

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