Birthday boy getting short shrift in New Hampshire Schools this Christmas

There is a depressing story in the Tuesday edition my hometown paper the Laconia Citizen titled, “At holiday time, schools aim to be mindful of diversity.”

Evidently there is a great many students in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire celebrating Yule and Kwanzaa, because those two “holidays” are getting equal billing in the public school system this Christmas season. Why? Well, because, “inclusiveness is the expectation,” according to Dennis Dobe, the principal at Woodland Heights Elementary School. “We try to be sensitive to diversity and various religious backgrounds.”

Yes, sensitive to religious backgrounds as long as the kids’ backgrounds aren’t Christian. Dobe further states that the school has children sing secular songs instead of songs with “religious overtones”. “Inclusiveness” only goes so far, I guess.

Down south in Bedford they don’t have such qualms about invoking Jesus’ name in the public school system around this time of year. Indeed, the high school there is teaching economics from a book that refers the savior of all mankind as a “wine-guzzling vagrant and precocious socialist.” , Some crazy Christian parents have complained but the school board isn’t backing down.

At around the same time Jesus has been kicked out of — or worse, mocked in — our public schools, the void He left behind has been filled with something else, something sinister. We’ve seen a rash of teacher scandals involving drinking and sexting. A gang of brutal murderers stewed with bloody intent in the Souhegan school district for who knows how long. No one noticed until they murdered a sleeping woman and chopped off her daughter’s feet.

Just think. While Jesus was being escorted out of the school building, Seanna O’Neill was inside teaching our children.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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