Binnie considering run for Governor

Republican sources tell NH Journal that one-time U.S. Senate candidate Bill Binnie is considering a run for Governor in 2012. Binnie is a multi-millionaire who owns a television station. It would be an understatement to say he would shake up the race.

According to sources, Binnie confidante Matt Mayberry has been attending GOP events, which in and of itself is not unusual. But at these events, Mayberry is whispering that the Seacoast businessman may get into the race for the Republican nomination. Presently, Manchester attorney Ovide Lamontagne and Litchfield conservative activist Kevin Smith are pursuing the nomination.

Binnie’s personal wealth would immediately place him as a potential frontrunner, but his candidacy could be problematic in some ways. Binnie ran a highly negative campaign against popular Sen. Kelly Ayotte in 2010 and ruffled many GOP feathers during his short and unsuccessful tenure as Jack Kimball’s Finance Chair of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.

In addition, Binnie would run as a defender of the state’s gay marriage law, about which he proclaimed once to have been “excited.” He is also pro-choice on abortion and would have supported the TARP bailout, as well.

The New Hampshire Governor’s race is considered by political watchers to be one to watch.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Gee –
    With a pedigree like that, he’s either running for Luv Gov as a dumbocrat, or the Grate State’s most morbidly obese RINO.  What would be most interesting is finding out why he considers himself and his positions Republican.  Inquiring minds want to know.
    – C. dog rings a dissonant note again

  • Sunny

    C. Dog- perhaps he is a socially moderate and fiscally conservative republican. Do all republicans have to walk exactly the same line? Refreshing to hear someone who has a mind of his own and truthfully states his positions and doesn’t just regurgitate political talking points.