Battle lines drawn in the Senate between moderates and conservatives

The slow boil of policy differences between hardline conservatives and moderates in the New Hampshire Legislature is likely to bubble over for the first time on Wednesday, several sources tell the Journal.

The first issue to cause serious fissures within the GOP’s Senate and House majorities is the effort to repeal the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative or RGGI. Sources tell us to expect Sen. Jeb Bradley’s moderating amendment to the repeal bill – which would keep New Hampshire in RGGI – to pass today … but to pass with a significant number of Democrat votes, leaving conservatives out in the lurch and all but killing the House-passed repeal measure.

Americans for Prosperity, a conservative organization, has been lobbying hard to push the RGGI repeal through the Legislature. Some Senators report having received over 200 phone calls on the issue – so-called “patch through calls” engineered by AFP.

Wednesday’s vote will be the very first major public split between the Senate and House on a major issue. The House voted overwhelmingly for repeal of RGGI.

People we have spoken to suggest this is the beginning of what many insiders have been expecting all along-the Senate moderating what the House has passed over to them.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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