Bass, Guinta Receive Award for Service to Seniors

RetireSafe, a nonprofit advocacy group representing 400,000 American seniors, presented its Standing Up for America’s Seniors award to New Hampshire Congressmen Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta yesterday.

Representatives from the group, which focuses on educating the public about Social Security, Medicare, and related issues impacting seniors’ health and wellbeing, were joined by local senior advocates to present the awards.

Joan Wiley, Executive Director of Newport Senior Center, and Tess Kuennin, Executive Director of Bi-State Primary Care Association, presented the awards to Bass and Guinta, respectively.

Bass and Guinta are part of a bipartisan group of Members of Congress that are being recognized by RetireSafe throughout October and November for their efforts to ensure seniors’ access to affordable medications through Medicare Part D, and opposing proposals that threaten to limit access to health care and increase premiums for seniors in the Medicare program.

“It seems Medicare is being attacked from all directions”, said RetireSafe President, Thair Phillips, “Seniors need champions in Washington who are on their side, who aren’t afraid to stand up and preserve the benefits that our older Americans have earned,” he continued, “RetireSafe felt it was time to stop for a moment, rise above the rhetoric, and recognize the Members of Congress who, in many different ways, have worked to protect this lifesaving and essential benefit.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Anonymous

    Not all awards are created equal, nor are all awards given by disinterested parties. Case in point: this award.
    RetireSafe bills itself as a not-for-profit, nonpartisan, grass roots group advocating on behalf of seniors. Fair enough.
    But based on a Roll Call article late last year, RetireSafe has ties to Republican-leaning groups and the pharmaceutical industry. Their awards have been given disproportionately to Republican members of Congress – and then particularly GOP members in tight races – though to be fair we’d note they have also given out awards to Democrats. That lets them make the claim fairly that they’re a bipartisan group.
    Nevertheless, the Center for Responsive Politics – a well-respected, actually bipartisan watchdog group – has slammed RetireSafe as an “artificial grass roots organization” for their past advocacy efforts during the Medicare Part D debate.