Baratta, no longer employable in GOP, now works for gay group

Just days before he resigned as Chairman of the New Hampshire GOP, under threat of ouster, Jack Kimball inked a long-term contract for his Communications Director Christine Baratta. The unprecedented contract substantially increased Baratta’s salary and made it impossible for Kimball’s replacement to terminate her, sources close to the situation tell NH Journal.

The lawyer who drew up the quickie contract made some errors, however. Those errors were enough to convince Baratta that squatting at the New Hampshire Republican State Committee wouldn’t be as lucrative a gig as she imagined. So after weeks of tense negotiations with new Chairman Wayne MacDonald, Baratta agreed to leave.

But the word went out: Baratta isn’t a team player and shouldn’t be allowed to work in GOP politics again.

And so it is with little surprise that Baratta has resurfaced as the spokeswoman for the gay marriage lobbying group Standing Up for New Hampshire Families.

That is the liberal group an NH Journal investigation revealed to be an out-of-state front group for activists and lawyers from New York City and Washington, DC.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Daniel C.

    a Tea-Party, Jack Kimball Republican is supporting gay marriage? I think you’re missing the actual story here. If our state party’s PR director is supporting this group, then they can’t be that “out-of-state.” the Sununu vs. Jack Kimball battle ended a long time ago, by the way – if we keep dragging it out, we’re going to lose big time next november. plenty of corrupt liberals to hold our attention

  • Lil Muenster

    are you sure? the rumor I heard is Barrata comes from a wealthy family in Boston, or maybe seacoast. I don’t think she even takes pay on the political stuff. she’s all about idealogy.

  • Guyfaux

    Barratta was a welfare queen for years, this isn’t surprising. I wonder what “positions” she put herself in at the new gig in an attempt to lock down a contact.