Ayotte told she ‘looks presidential,’ town hall crowd erupts in cheers – UPDATED with video

The mainstream media narrative regarding Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s town hall meetings this week took another blow this morning. As the New Hampshire Union Leader reports on Thursday’s town hall meeting:

Most attendees clapped wildly when a Fitzwilliam man told Ayotte he has been watching her on television for a long time and that she “looks presidential.”

This image creates quite a contrast to what Americans are reading in the national mainstream press regarding the reception Sen. Ayotte has received in the Granite State in the wake of her vote against a measure to expand gun control.

The wild applause Ayotte enjoyed after the flattering comments comes after NH Journal reported that numerous protesters at the Ayotte town hall meetings are actually from out-of-state and at least one carried a sign splattered with fake blood politicizing the Boston terror bombing.

Watch the exchange with Sen. Ayotte below:

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Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Skunkhairkathy

    Ayotte…Presidential?? You people are absurd!! She will have blood on her hands for voting against the gun bill, I don’t know how she sleeps at night. Where are my donuts anyway, hmm maybe I will have chocolate chip pancakes again this morning instead…yummy

    • C. dog e. doG

      Load up, hippohairkath, it looks good on ya. Regarding blood on hands, I don’t recall cute Kelly picking up any arms other than the two attached to her torso. But then again, you democratics have a heck of a time with causer and effect. By the way, how’s your globally warmed Gaia of late?
      – C. dog binding hippos to RINOs for sport and fun

    • denton

      If she had voted the other way, she might have blood on her hands by denying firearms to people who need them for self defense. For every crime committed with a gun, 10 crimes are prevented by citizens with a gun.

    • Ronin

      Clinton (M): “It depends on what the meaning of ‘Is’ is.”, “Clinton (F): “What does it matter?”, Obama: “Derp! Present?”
      Those qualities?

      • Anonymous

        Great, succinct, list !

        One thing though, The iconic words Hillary cried out were these: “What difference does it make?”


        • Anonymous

          “What difference does it make?”

          Those words should be on every Hillary 2016 bumper sticker. In fact, use them as the rallying cry to build support for her right now!

    • Anonymous

      I am thinking that skunkhairkathy was going for a parody of the low information voter here. I could be wrong.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Pittelli/1157577837 David Pittelli

        Of course he is.

  • Kate Day

    I was there, and although I was expecting a largely negative crowd from what I’d seen in the news, the crowd was overwhelmingly positive and supportive.
    Sen Ayotte did not dodge the question, but responded logically with several reasons why this particular bill would not solve the issue. The existing background check system needs to be fixed. As the system works now, only 2 people have been reported as unfit to own a gun for mental health reasons in all of NH. It’s a great state, but probably more than 2 who are mentally unstable.
    I applaud Kelly Ayotte’s sensible vote, trying to avoid a knee -jerk-feel-good-do-nothing bill, and focusing on different legislation which would actually solve the broken system of background checks.

    • http://www.rustedsky.net Anonymous

      It doesn’t matter whether the bill would help or not – you’re supposed to FEEL it would, therefore it’s a good bill! Think of the children! (sob, sob)

      We really need to get past a point where ‘feeling’ is more important than anything else. We can’t afford to pass bills that ‘feel good’ without analyzing whether or not the damn thing will actually help or hurt.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Pittelli/1157577837 David Pittelli

      Yes, but for the many listeners of NHPR, all the “facts” were bad for Ayotte. We heard Ayotte defend the Toomey-Manchin vote by discussing that it might lead to a gun registry, then NHPR basically called her a liar since the vote actually outlawed a national gun registry.

      In fact, the Toomey-Manchin Amendment did not outlaw a national gun registry. It said that “m) The Attorney General may not consolidate or centralize the records of the acquisition or disposition of firearms, or any portion thereof.” This wouldn’t only apply to the Attorney General, but also to everyone working for him, that is, everyone in the Justice Department. But it would not outlaw a gun registry by the Department of Homeland Security or any other department. Do you think it was written this way due to innocent error?


      • Anonymous

        I would not even trust having a gun registry if the prohibition on using it was complete. Once the gun registry exists, eventually the dems will once again acquire a large majority like they did in 2009, and they will change the law and use it. But if the registry does not exist, in any form, it can never be misused.

  • Anonymous

    The left will c*ap themselves when she decides to run.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Mazur/1271416101 Chris Mazur

    The (national) attack on Ayotte goes well beyond the gun control issue. Here is an articulate, smart, attractive, and conservative woman who was already mentioned as a VP possibility during her first senate term. Think Palin, but “nicer”, and more intelligent. For these reasons, she must be destroyed.

  • http://twitter.com/Discursions Alarms & Discursions

    I predict that she will be “Palined” pretty soon. When women leave the plantation of the Left, they become non-women and subject to the most vile, misogynistic, crudely pornographic abuse that feminists can muster.

    • Ronin

      Odd reaction, isn’t it? They hate pornography, but are perfectly willing to use it against people who don’t agree with them.
      Violence sucks – unless it gets me what I want.
      That sort of thing.

      • Anonymous

        Who ever said Leftist hate pornography? I’ll guarantee a poll of porn workers would show a very large majority are Obama supporters.

        • Ronin

          I was going with the specific subset of “feminists” in this case.

    • Anonymous

      You can’t “Palin” somebody who is smart. It’s easy to dismiss Palin due to her general ignorance and stupidity.

  • Ronin

    Good for Sen. Ayotte .
    And shame on that miserable woman that tried to shame her on TV. Using her mother’s death to deny millions their rights. Her loss is horrible. But to turn that into a rallying cry to cause immensely more suffering is despicable.

  • http://twitter.com/AmericanCailin American Cailín

    I got stuck watching MSNBC while on jury duty on Wednesday. They ran a long-winded segment on Ms. Ayotte’s town hall where she engaged in questioning by the daughter of one of the Newtown’s victims. The MSNBC panel was working soooooo hard to make it a “thing” making references to the town halls that occurred during the summer before Obamacare was passed and comparing the two. What they don’t understand is that the town halls from several years ago were driven by passion and an understanding of the Constitution. These rigged town halls of today are pure political theater by the Left.

  • Anonymous

    Sad thing is, if handguns could be used for abortions, the Democrats would be passing legislation making handguns free for anyone 15 years old and older.

    • Skunkhairkathy

      Totally!! And we would make sure there was no ammunition shortage!!

  • Anonymous

    A conservative women, in a swing state, voting against gun control, and the voters like her for doing it, the dems must be terrified.

  • Chatty Kathy

    Love Sen. Ayotte!!!