Ayotte roasts Obama budget chief

Sen. Kelly Ayotte dressed down President Barack Obama’s Acting Budget Director, Jeffrey Zients during a Tuesday Budget Committee hearing because Zients appeared to argue that increasing the federal debt to $26 trillion was fiscally responsible leadership.

In the fourth year of the Obama presidency and well into his reelection effort, the Obama team continues to argue that it has “inherited” the nation’s fiscal problems.

“I just want to be clear that this is your testimony,” Ayotte said. “A budget that increases our national debt to $26 trillion in the next 10 years…is a mark of leadership by this President?….I do not agree that increasing our national debt to $26 trillion in the next 10 years is the mark of leadership or the type of fiscal responsibility needed to address the debt crisis our country faces.”

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Anonymous

    I think he is trying to take over leadership from Greece in terms of biggest soverign bailout ever. Didn’t the President say that he believes in American exceptionalisn just as Greece beleives in Greek exceptionalism.