Ayotte: “This is not a women’s right issue, this is a religious liberty issue”

More from Sen. Kelly Ayotte today during a press conference on Capitol Hill regarding the Obama administrations new health care mandates that violate Americans’ right to conscience. Ayotte has become a powerful voice in opposition to the administration’s unconstitutional move to squelch the First Amendment.

“We have seen with the president’s health care bill, and the regulations recently issued by Health and Human Services, an unprecedented affront to religious liberty. If religious institutions and faith-based organizations are forced to comply with government mandates that violate core principles of their faith, it violates our First Amendment to the Constitution. That’s contrary to what we stand for as Americans,” Ayotte said after the press conference.

She continued: “This is a religious liberty issue that has nothing to do with women’s rights. It applies to all faiths. I’ve heard from New Hampshire citizens who are deeply concerned about the administration’s decision. We need to respect rights of conscience for all religions. I call on the president to overturn the HHS regulation and to stop infringing on religious freedom.”

Author: Patrick Hynes

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